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Blue Pie Records is one of Australia's leading independent labels. The record label is called "Blue Pie Records" and the music production house is called "Blue Pie Productions". We have offices in Australia, The USA, UK, Ireland, China, and Canada. The company is made up of the following components:

We are:

Blue Pie Records has a wide range of alliance-partnerships which it calls upon to create distribution, marketing and promotional systems for our artists, labels and content partners. Blue Pie's priority artists include Dale Bozzio, Peter Noone, Trees Die Standing, Black Dawn, The Cars ( Live Concerts), Sydonia, Jack Derwin, Burning The Day, Marvel, Burning the Day, The Yeehaa Boys, Tony Hatch, Jessy Tomsko, John Enghauser, Serge Ermoll, Bon Scott, HeadBand, Tiny Tim and Stinga T to name a few.

Blue Pie's roster of artists continues to gain worldwide recognition. You can review the artist roster in this site under the artist section. For details on our labels please visit the label section of this website.

About our catalogue:

We represent over 300 labels world-wide, that use our distribution and royalty reporting systems, and rights management services. We manage part or all of the day to day distribution, marketing and promotional services for these leading independents and their catalogues globally. We distribute over 3000 artists, managing their marketing, promotional needs, brand development and license services. Our catalogue has grown to over 60,000 tracks that we own and or control all master and publishing rights and we represent another 4,000,000 tracks through license and partner agreements for our own digital music stores. Blue Pie owns and operates 2 digital music stores. To visit the music stores click on the following links:

Our digital distribution services continue to expand. We hold numerous exclusive digital content supply agreements as well as agreements with all the leading aggregators including: IODA, The Orchard, Danmark Music Group, INgrooves, iMusician and Believe Digital. Details are available in the distribution section of our website.

We endeavour to have direct agreements in place with all leading specialist digital music stores, aggregators and leading Telco's on the planet. This provides our artist, labels and content partners with preferential supply to the main retail stores and means greater opportunity for success in terms of profile, fan base build and sales of their music.

We have affiliated offices in the following countries:


We are committed to the continued commercialisation of our catalogue and achieving chart success for our artists. Blue Pie is continually developing new markets for our artists, labels, content partners to connect and reach new consumers for their music and content and at the same time develop new fan bases for our artists.

The future is very bright for us with our continued expansion into the USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Asia. It has been a huge team effort by all at Blue Pie. Our US Team continues to break new ground, with new opportunities presented to our artists and labels every day.

Our Music License Team continues to grow year on year and break new ground and develop new market connections that allows our catalogue to be licensed for FILM, TV, CABLE and Advertising placements. Music Licensing is our fastest growing area in our company and will continue to expand over the next decade.

If you would like to join Blue Pie then please see the contact page for details on how to submit your artists, labels and content for our sales teams to review or email

Thank you for taking the time to review our website. Please feel free to download our history brochure for 2014.

Damien Reilly
CEO and founder
Blue Pie Records & Blue Pie Productions
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