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Afro Fiesta

The music of Afro- Fiesta is a fusion of various styles incorporating Makosa, Latin, African Salsa Reggea and Kwasa-Kwasa. This lively band comprises of extraordinary talented male musicians who are constantly climbing the ladder of success since their beginning in 2000. International Radio plays establish their name and music worldwide. Afro Fiesta’s high demand has afforded them the opportunity to perform all over South Africa in the most renown and established music venues and festivals along with various places in the USA. Frontman and founder of Afro Fiesta, Merman Konkosenki, has an outstanding voice and character and is one of the main singer for the Playing for Change project and PFC Band. Songs of Afro Fiesta have been licensed for Playing for Change and published on the album. Currently the cover version of “No More Trouble” is one of the highest ‘best’ sold songs on the PFC download sites. Of Afro Fiesta’s performance energy, one can only say, that the audience will be carried away by the joyful rhythms and will dance the night away. In 2004 Mermans knew it was time for the band to release an album and he was able to sign a deal with Vibrations Studio. He added a bit more talent when he brought Chibo, Tentino, Mavakala, Bova and Jason on board to enhance the talented core of his musicians. He now had a group of master musicians oozing talent and enthusiasm. He renamed the group Afro-Fiesta, to reflect the many countries and cultures of the band members. After many hours of hard work in the studio, Mermans knew that he had a great album, full of potential hits in songs like “Matinda”, “Tandiswa” and “Bolingo”. The songs are a fusion of various styles incorporating Makosa, hints of Latino and Afro-jazz, making this a truly unforgettable recording. In May 2009 they released their album “Mofire” with producer Mohamed Fall from Vibrations Studio.

Afro-Fiesta is distritbuted digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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