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Afro Soul

Afro-Soul. An energetic band from the Western Cape of South Africa,  formed in 2000, comprising of 8 talented musicians, brought together through their passion for music and singing. Their music epitomizes the innate ability only great musicians have to take their listeners back to their roots while simultaneously infusing these tantalising rhythms with modern soul-jazz fusion sounds. Afro soul;s sound is a unique mix of tradtionoal African and Afro Jazz sounds, culminating in an album that discusses a variety of issues facing society today. With their songs, Afro-sould wants to encourage their listeners to believe in a better future, to not give up hope, whilst doing so in a feel-good, musically enriched way. Their music embodies the bands unique magic attitude to happiness, as they share thoughts  and hearts with such a great authentic energy, that it is simply impossible to resist the good vibrations and great genuine music they create. Enjoy!

Afro-Soul is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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