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She walks to her own beat, moves to her own rhythm, sings to her own tune, breathes to her own tempo and dances to her own groove! This is an “Alyson in Wonderland” tale! Welcome to the world of singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and actress ALYSON – a world in which the young performer, a Billboard Top 20 Artist of 2005, one of few independent artists to have 3 consecutive Top 10 Billboard Hits and a Top 15 Billboard Hit all from a debut album, and owner of her own record label “PM Media”, recognizes that singing and songwriting is beyond a business, and is first and foremost a crafted art.

Breaking onto the music scene last year, Alyson has suddenly invaded our radio airwaves, spun DJs’ turn-tables, infiltrated our Ipods, and channeled her way through the worldwide web with her freshman album “Take A Good Look”. Beyond the breakthrough status, Alyson was nominated “Best New Artist” at the 2005 International Dance Music Awards and has single-handedly earned herself the moniker of music phenomenon. The 15-track debut album which vaulted her from anonymity to notoriety, is now enjoying more than a “good look”, and rightfully receiving a good listen. She delivers a loose, tour-de-force vocal that simmers alongside a steroid-charged Pop/Dance musical backdrop that is energetic, fast and furious. A sublime balladeer, Alyson also crafted sterling R&B/Pop flavored slow and mid-tempo tracks, offering a cocktail of soulful, sexy, funky, poetic and passionate sounds that are a feast to the ear.

Alyson is that rare artist who has successfully crossed into multiple radio formats, receiving airplay on over 100 radio stations worldwide spanning Top 40, Urban, Dance and AC formats, and has reached #1 on both Urban and Dance Club Charts. It is no mystery why Alyson is already being compared to the likes of Madonna, Joss Stone, Kylie Minogue, Deborah Cox, Janet Jackson and Taylor Dayne, to name a few. But how does a little unknown artist achieve so much in such little time, and succeed in grabbing an increasingly glowing ray of the spotlight?

While most unknown artists find themselves singing in obscure bars hoping to be discovered by a major label for airplay and distribution of their music, Alyson decided to pave her own way to the radio waves and retail shelves. The New York native has certainly inherited the go-getter panache of the Big Apple and, refusing to take a bite at the common pie, concocted her own recipe for success! The ingredients were simple: persistence, dedication, passion, talent and a strong sense of business.

Fashioning the do-it-yourself approach, Alyson proved that there is momentum in the world of the independents and that hard work goes a long, long way! She schooled herself on the ins and outs of the music business, learned about street promotion, internet/store and digital distribution, and finally launched her own record label, PM Media, on which she commercially pressed and released her debut album “Take A Good Look”. Her sense of entrepreneurship and marketing expertise recently culminated in the PM Media signings of a major national retail distribution deal and a worldwide digital distribution deal. “Take A Good Look” is now available in most retail stores across the U.S. including Virgin Megastore, Tower, Wherehouse, Barnes and Noble and Borders, and at most online retailers including iTunes, Amazon.com, Tower.com and many more.

Blue Pie is the Australian and New Zealand license partner for Reality Entertainment. For more information on this great label visit their website at www.reality-entertainment.com

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