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Amba is the hauntingly beautiful and evocative voice of a singer/ songwriter whose soulful vocals provide the unique juxtaposition of world weariness and naive innocence as they soar above electro beats and melodic grooves embodying diverse musical influences.

In 2003 Amba met talented Australian producer/ songwriter Paul Najar and collaborated on what was to become Amba’s debut recording. The combination of Amba’s performing arts experience and Najar’s background in classical, Jazz & popular music has had a profound influence on the sonic landscape that is Amba.


With strikingly beautiful looks, charm & charisma, Amba is simply captivating. The fusion of her personality, magical voice and contemporary musical influences create an irresistible force.Influenced by Celtic traditions, Scottish born Amba was exposed to music & song at a very early age thus sewing the seeds for what was to come.


Seeing Amba perform live is to witness a sonic and visual feast the likes of which are rarely seen. She’s equally at home in the intimacy of a lounge bar as she is upon the large festival stages.


Amba’s sound, while unique, has been compared to Dido, Bjork, Lamb & Goldfrapp. Amba in every sense is an enthralling aural and visual experience.

Amba is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.


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