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Angel Beauty

At 12:17am on Sunday the 4th of March he takes a good hard look at himself and realizes what he is about to become. Harmony is his name, a half good half evil paranoid schizophrenic. His evil side is possessed by The Demon who takes over his body and causes him to become an out of control maniac. He parties hard, takes drugs and alcohol, harasses girls and gets into fights with anyone in his way; including himself. In his desperate times of need when he is in his lowest point Harmony will break down, call for help and in these dark times his good side will take over and he is guided by The Angel Grace. She has been sent down from the skies above to watch over him and protect him. She has always been there for him but he could never see her. Her presence was very rare until now.

Harmony has a Destiny. He was put on this earth to save humanity, but only the good side of him can do it. When he is at his high point, and has The Angel Grace by his side, Harmony is ready to lead the human race and to become Their Saviour. His destiny can be fulfilled only if he defeats The Demon and be free of all his evil.

Angel Beauty is cryptic to those that do not see the beauty within. They are out now on Blue Pie for the world.

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