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Anton Numark

Anton Neumark is an international dj/producer with more than 20 world-wide releases on A-list labels like Ministry Of Sound, Kinky Vinyl, Seamless, Excess/Cyber Prod, BugEyed and others. Jetting around countries and clubs  he still finds time to run the Ataraxy booking agency and a label. His tracks have been played by a vast array of leading DJs including Sasha, Carl Cox, John Aquaviva, Tom Neville, King Roc, Barry Gilbey, Rui Da Silva, D.Ramirez, Eddie Amador and many, many more. There’s a huge buzz about his latest offering too – a cover of the classic ‘Need You Tonight’ for UK label Kinky Vinyl – which should firmly announce Anton as one of the hottest talents around.

Anton’s dedication and talent had brought him to the attention of the promoters and soon he was announced as the first Gallery Tour Dj for Russia playing alongside Tall Paul and Tom Neville in Moscow as well touring alongside Benny Benassi, Joel Xavier from Whoop! Records and Tania von Pear from The Gallery in London. Anton has also expanded the Ataraxy operation to encompass a booking agency and works in close collaboration with well respected UK agency Sedition DJs to bring the UK’s finest DJs over to entertain the growing East Europe party faithful.

2007 has seen an increasingly busy schedule for Anton with the recent release of a new track written with D.Ramirez, ‘Satisfaction Generation’, which is due out shortly on the Canadian biggest BugEyed label, while he has just signed a new deal with Kompass in Germany. He has also earned the respect of his peers with the likes of John Acquaviva, Barry Gilbey, Echomen, Eddie Amador, The Beatthiefs, Asle Bjorn and Timo Garcia regularly playing his tracks.

Recently his remixing skills and unique style brought to him attention of a Hed Kandi label asking for a remix on the R.A.W. that is to be released very soon under Ministry Of Sound name.

If that’s not enough he spends every weekend jetting around Europe and beyond spinning his distinctive pumpin’ mix of electro-house and consistently rockin’ the joint wherever he plays and picking up new supporters along the way. Anton Neumark’s unique style and undisputed musical talent make him one of the hottest DJs of the electro scene as well quite possibly the one of the most interesting  dance music producers of the moment.

Anton Numark is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.
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