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Bay Area trip-hop artist Artemis’ CD, ‘Gravity’ (RTFM Records/Magnatune/Cyberset) is a sensual blend of daydreamy beats and starry- eyed breaks. Keyboard Magazine called the New York native’s self-described ‘lush, symphonic electronica’ a ‘world-class creation.’ We just call it damn good!” – Bill Picture, San Francisco Examiner.

Breathing a rich dose of soul into the cool digital world, Artemis brews up seductive sonic concoctions, deftly weaving poetry and pure emotion into psychoacoustic landscapes pulsing with life both otherworldly and organic. With her roots in classical and folk music, training in vocal traditions from several corners of the globe, and an ear for innovation, Artemis puts electronic music’s limitless spectrum to bold use. Her style ranges from sparse and sparkling to richly symphonic, blending elements of trip-hop, downtempo, drum and bass, breakbeats, and electro-pop to create a potent fusion set ablaze with siren vocals as riveting as they are intimate.

Artemis is joined by fellow members of electronic artist collective RTFM for live performances featuring Artemis on vocals, flutes and theremin, Keith Crusher on bass, programming and live effects, Daniel Berkman on handsonic percussion, African kora, keys and guitar, and Cliff Tune on V-drums. Ben Davis (reFRACTion) rounds out the show with creative and engaging lighting/video and set design. Artemis’s sibylline lyrical vision and a posse of extraordinary musicians and artists of sound and light weld a hypnotic synergy, offering the audience an inspiring aural and visual journey.


Artemis’ releases Gravity (2005) and Undone (2001) have garnered praise and press in publications from the New York Times to Remix, Electronic Musician and Keyboard magazines. She is a top seller on online music label Magnatune’s roster, and has recently been signed to Cyberset, a new-edge label focused on progressive and forward thinking music in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her music receives airplay in the U.S. and internationally, has been licensed for television, video and compilations, and she has recorded and collaborated with producers worldwide including Banco de Gaia’s Toby Marks and former Duran Duran manager Paul Berrow. Her most recent release, Orbits, a compilation of remixes from producers across the globe, is working it’s way up the charts on sites like eMusic and is a top seller at Magnatune.

Artemis are available on Blue Pie under license from Cyberset for the world for all TV, Cable, Film and general synchronisations.

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