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Atlanta Rhythm Section


The Atlanta Rhythm Section or ARS have been a major player in the Southern Rock scene, cementing their legacy in the annals of rock and roll. Originally based in Atlanta, Georgia, ARS promoted a sound similar to that of legendary American rock icons Lynyrd Skynyrd, carrying the mantle of the Southern Rock genre well into the 1970s. The Atlanta Rhythm Section band are interpreted as one of the successors to The Allman Brothers Band, a group that originally promoted the principal sounds of Southern Rock, incorporating elements of blues, jazz and country music into a definitive sound that encompassed the flourishing music scene in the Southern states of America during the late 60s and early 1970s. The current lineup of the band consists of Rodney Justo, David Anderson, Dean Daughtry, Jim Keeling, Paul Goddard and Steve Stone.

The original Atlanta Rhythm Section members originally came together as the house band for Studio One, a studio constructed by local Atlanta engineer Rodney Mills in Doraville, Georgia. The studio would host the recording sessions of the Southern Rock greats including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Joe South, Al Kooper and BJ Thomas. By collaborating with other bands during their stint in Studio One and working on their own material during their down time, the members of ARS came together to write ten songs that made up their self titled debut album. The album was officially released in 1972 and generated some critical interest for the quality of the songs and musicianship. Their second album, Back up Against the Wall, was released in 1973 comprising of 11 new songs that offered a mix of up tempo tracks and soft emotional ballads. A diversified approach that would become a cornerstone of the group’s future success. At this time, ARS were starting to make a name for themselves, proving their mettle in live shows and developing a solid fan base in the southern regions of America but not yet broadened their scope on a national level.

ARS, faced with the pressure to increase album sales and realistic chart success, released their breakthrough album, A Rock And Roll Alternative, the album led the band to a new level of critical acclaim and popular appeal when the album was released in late 1976. Written and produced in just 30 days, the album’s second single So Into You proved to be the breakthrough track that forced the American audience to take notice, becoming a staple for radio stations in 1977 peaking at number seven on the billboard charts. The bands now widely growing popularity carried them into playing their largest shows yet including the now legendary Dog Day Rockfest at Atlanta’s Grant Field alongside Heart, Foreigner and Bob Seger.  However, the bands finest contribution to the genre came in the form of their follow up album Champagne Jam. The album garnered a huge amount of critical and commercial support for the band, hitting the top 10 albums in the country and certified gold status with their second single Imaginary Lover proving to be the band’s greatest accomplishment to date, reaching number seven on the charts.

After the Sothern Rock scene died down during the 1980s, ARS faced the many trials and tribulations that are associated with being a rock band spanning enduring just over a decade of non stop touring and recording. Despite the hardships and losing members to illness and misfortune, the legacy of Atlanta Rhythm Section lives on in their contributions to Rock and Roll and the current lineup continues to play live shows, most recently making an appearance at the Dothan Music Fest in Alabama in August of 2011.

ARS are part of the Full Entertain Music roster of Artists, and are distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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