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We can make go back up the birth of the group to a very late conversation in one of these small Congolese restaurants where the night always brings an incredible procession of nostalgic musicians with faces printed by blues and the other wandering, retaurant where, on sound capital with audible efforts, it was for a long time question of the legacy of the “big” of the Congolese Rumba and the general fate of the Black music in this 21th century but the report above all concerned to the artistic poverty of the musical scene; from Kinshasa to New York by way of Paris.

It is nevertheless only one year later, by one of the biggest fates that often hides a logical sense of the History that two of the protagonists of this big debate, Michel Nzau and the guitarist Umberto Luambo cross themselves to Ménilmontant, in these old Paris during a jazz concert Gipsy so that they can envisage, in a moose of a big youth, the creation of the group Bantunani and introduce the current of the Nu-rumba where Nu would be Michel and the rumba would be embodied by an Umberto and one magic hands, Johnny.

Registered in the dynamics of the meeting and the interbreeding, the artistic inspiration marries bravely new tones in the unpublished rhythms embracing furious airs where mix subtly tempo of Funk, HipHop and it with accents Groove unmistakable inviting every spectator or listener in the dance.

But which Dances, in the nu-rumba the dance is goes alongside to the reflection to reach the soul of the music; bantunani updates the feather of the artist of street engaged without concession with as base of thought the dance to affect the musical Trinity: dance, Thought, Spirituality such is the shout of the singings bantu which formerly announced the war.

The name of the group would have three meanings assumed well in the philosophy of the group, the first sense comes from the word lingala, bantu which means the bantu ‘ people ‘ and which would send back to the question which is these people; the second meaning is more universalist order because it dismisses to the notion of bantu as human being, where from the question which we are? Finally the last sense, the bantu word also means ‘ people ‘ thus we would have the following question, who are these people in this particular case which is this group bantunani. This music is a true invitation in the dance, the reflection and in ‘Saint Force’ as ultimate element of the musical existence.

Bantunani is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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