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Benjamin Hyatt


Benjamin Hyatt, a native from the country music capital of the world Nashville, Tennessee has become one of the fastest rising stars in the pop rock/contemporary scene. Under the management of Blue Pie Records, Benjamin and his equally talented band are set to pump new blood into the stagnant realm of real rock n roll. Billed as Tennessee’s answer to Maroon 5, Benjamin Hyatt and his remarkable band released their debut EP The Way You Move in November of 2010, which features his signature sound and showcases his most apparent musical influences including Matchbox 20, GooGoo Dolls, Hootie and the Blowfish and Boys II Men.

Growing up with a military family, Benjamin found himself constantly on the move but what remained the same wherever he ventured was his passion and love for music. Even after following in his father’s footsteps into a military life and his foray into “more stable work” Ben never stopped working on his musical talents and on one fateful night in a karaoke bar in Arizona, it all paid off. A producer scouting for undiscovered talent heard Ben’s expressive and poignant voice and convinced him to start recording his own tracks. Ben went on to record passionate potential charting songs “Without You” and “The Way You Move” which caught the attention of several record labels who were hoping to work with such a raw, potent artist.

Whilst recording his debut album, which features the album title track “The Way You Move”, several of Ben’s earlier recordings were being distributed amongst the smaller community music websites. The reaction that followed was far more impressive than initially anticipated with Ben’s original recordings appearing in the top 10% of jango.com and Reverb Nation and his songs received plenty of airtime on a number of national and international radio outlets.

The songs that make up Hyatt’s debut album were produced by Craig Lawrence, who’s long list of accolades include working at Sound On Sound studios and being an integral part of the artistic development with highly regarded artists the likes of Joe Strummer and Tom Petty. “Ben is a very talented singer/songwriter and is very easy to work with and a plus is he lets me run with ideas music wise” states Lawrence. “It’s like clockwork with Ben, he is a very talented singer and lyricist. We have a great connection indeed.”

Making up Benjamin’s band is Keith Meenan, the lead guitarist who discovered his music ability at an early age learning how to play the piano, drums, bass and saxophone and most enigmatically, the kazoo. Austin Lee Wellborn lends his talents on bass who studied under Metallica bassist, Jason Newstead. Houston Huff is their drummer and with an extensive punk rock background and a family obsessed with cars, his love for hitting things came very naturally. Skyler Freeman rounds out the band as a multi talented instrumentalist, playing rhythm guitar, keyboard, back up vocals and is more than capable with handling the drums and bass. Skyler takes a page out of Ben’s book and developed his musical knowledge by listening to anything he can get his hands on.

Benjamin Hyatt is distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie Records.

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