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In 1996 four brit-pop fans from Emmerich/Germany decided to found a band in which they can make music like their island-heroes. The first four years were used to find their own unique sound before they started to win over Germany. Everything that came after that has passed in a rush. In the year 2000 they won the nationwide “Talent Award” competition, the year after that they won the “City Beats Award” which included serveral TV Gigs as well as concerts along with 5000 german-marks. (Yes marks!)

With this money they went to record a new EP at the “soundstation” in Ratingen/ Düsseldorf where producer and label manager Bernd Oprach wanted to produce them himself. Instead of recording a mini cd bolk were offered a record deal for four albums with the independent label “supermusic” and on top of that, they have signed a publishing deal with EMI Music Publishing Germany.

In early spring 2003 the debut cd “let your heart decide” was released and got more than positive reviews in music magazines all over germany. Even the renowned magzine “Visions” wanted to reward them with the imaginary newcomer of the month award”. The biggest music magazine of germany (WOM-Magazine) said: “This album rocks in such a cool and experienced way that it is sacrcely believable, that this album is supposed to be a debut cd. ” Virtualrock, one of the biggest online-magazines in germany went even further: “If the brits can’t get a grip on their pop-music, we have to come up with something: Bolk starts up!”

At the same time their first single “Divine Comedy” – a wounderful pop song of someone who just doesn’t get the chance of telling that he is in love – entered the radio charts. Many concerts have helped to create a massive fanbase. Bolk is now ready to let the rest of Europe know of their existence. Especially because of their unique talent of presenting themselves on stage. But also because of the intensity of their music. Bolk stretches britpop music to extremes. Anything can happen between songs or even in songs. From real pop to real rock – bolk knows what to do to make a song sound right.

Since October 2003 you can even get bolk’s cd throughout almost whole europe. In 2004 the band released the stunning smash hit “Stupid Radio songs”, produced by one of the most famous german producer, Wolfgang Stach, who..s responsible for a few platinum albums (e.g. Guano Apes). In 2005 the band recorded a cover version of Last christmas, because they were tired of listening to the same old song every year over and over again. Starting as a joke, thousands of people downloaded the song from the internet site of the band. So the record company decided to release it officially. It became a big radio hit in germany. The “b-side” contains “Let you go”, a wonderful rock song, which you can download here for free. Another b-side, a cover-version of “All i want for christmas” by Mariah Carey was forbidden to be released by her management. Thing was, the single was already pressed, so the record company had to do it all over again. In 2007 the band began to rehearse on new songs for a new album. In spring the bass player Mic quit the band and was replaced by Jens. The band went on rehearsing, and wrote about 30 new songs until the end of 2007. They were planning on bringing out a new album in summer 2008. But during the recording process part of the band started losing motivation to put more energy into it, so we decided to finally split up the band. Patrick moved to Berlin and is looking for musicians to find a new band, while Niki and Batze are having a new band already. Jens is also having a new band. We want to thank all you people who have supported us by buying CDs, coming to our gigs, playing us in the radio, giving us feedback and so much more. Thanks so very much for everything!!!!

Bolk is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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