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Brian Elkington

Brian Elkington is a gifted song writer who has received several awards and nominations for his songwriting. His songs have great depth and richness, beautiful melodies and memorable lyrics. Friends, family, home, accidental lovers and true love are some of the chapters in this story, each one part of the lyrical journey, with steps familiar to us all. It is heartfelt music that everyone can relate to.

Born in the northern region of Minnesota, Brian mastered the art of playing guitar at the tender age of 17 and began his foray into songwriting soon after. He has received the honour of being able to play his original songs at some of America’s most respected live venues including Gerde’s folk Village in Greenwich village and the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville. Brian eventually moved to the country music captial of the world, Nashville, Tennessee to follow his dream career as a professional songwriter and musician. During his stay in “Music City” he had several songs recorded and published and the city had no doubt influenced his musical maturity. Now residing in Sydney with his wife and three kids, Brian has composed a new CD, Mark in Time alongside producer Michael McGlynn. Together, Michael and Brian have created another musical experience that, like a good book – is a journey you’ll enjoy taking- and when you’ve finished, you’ll want to do it all over again.

Brian Elkington is distributed digitally to the world by Blue Pie.

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