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Established in 1996 Blue Pie is one of the worlds leading independant record labels. Blue Pie is diverse and has offices in Australia, the UK, USA, China, Russia, Africa and Denmark. We are:

bluepie   A record label -
Blue Pie -
mybluepie   A digital music store -
My Blue Pie Music -
bluepie pub   A publishing house -
Blue Pie Publishing
magicblue   A creative entertainment house -
Magic Blue Creative -
bluevault   A white label digital retail entertainment store developer-
Blue vault digital -

We would like to work with you to commercialise your content and offer our distribution services.
We have representative offices in UK, USA, Canada and more recently Ireland.

We are focused on using the new digital entertainment systems along with traditional distribution
retail services that are now available all over the planet. This will give you the opportunity to have a
true global presence for your music.

You can select full or limited distribution services. The choice is yours. We are here to help you to
increase your sales and grow new markets for you music.


what it means

Blue Pie has established networks and relationships all over the world, some have been in place for
over a decade.

Blue Pie holds a number of exclusive digital entertainment content supply and management contracts
for key retail networks, credit card & loyalty programs, technology firms and social networks. These
exclusive agreements provide our artists and labels with direct access to new markets that they would
normally not be able to reach.

Some Exclusive Agreements Include:

Our exclusive digital content supply agreements provide our artists and labels with
access to new and greater markets that they would otherwise not be able to reach.
Blue Pie helps to expand your sales potential with these contracts.

Blue Pie is actively engaged in securing exclusive content supply agreements
throughout the world.


Blue Pie are members of the following music regulatory bodies & organisations:


If you would like to apply for distribution with Blue Pie Records then please complete the new artist form here.

Please feel free to download out service brochures below.
BPP - About the Music Business
BPP - Third Party Licensing Brochure
BPP - Services Brochure
BPP - Distribution Brochure
BPP - Facebook Marketing
BPP - Vevo Facebook App How 2 Use Vevo
BPP - Digital Distribution Brochure



services diagram

services diagram