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Nikson is a 4 piece band that was formed in 2005 in Győr, Hungary.

Their sound and attitude could be described as a mix of punk-rock and melodycore with influencese from 90's punk and hardcore music. The band started promoting themselves in october of 2006 when they recorded they first demo/EP called ’Somewhere Between Here and There’. In October of 2008 their first full-length LP album ’So Far From Home’ was released in Hungary and in the USA. This album contains 12 songs filled with passion, love, and hate.

The album was a success and a good start for Nikson to begin touring outside their home country. During 2007-2008 Nikson toured Hungary, played a couple shows in Germany and Austria (sharing the stage with great austrian bands like 3 Feet Smaller and No More Encore) and won several musical talent scout awards. That was enough to get them sponsored by ’Famous Stars and Straps’. In the summer of 2009, Nikson shot their first music video for the song ’Stay With Me’ and embarked on a tour of Scotland that year. In 2010 the band recorded their second full-length LP album ’Preachers Go To Hell’ with a more colourful mix of music influences and more unique songs. 

Nikson are distributed to the world digitally by Blue Pie Records.

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