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In a world of green house gases and global warming, corporate companies are as much a part of change as the ordinary consumer. The Blue Pie team is offsetting their carbon emissions by adopting proactive solutions to reduce their carbon footprint.

Through all facets of the business there have been changes made to decrease carbon emissions as well the products and services that Blue Pie use have been adapted to be recycled or offset to be green.

Blue Pie has a long-standing commitment to sustainable business management. We make every effort to balance our responsibilities as a leading corporate identity with the environmental, social and economic needs of our partners, customers and the communities in which we operate.

Experience tells us that operating a sustainable business makes good business sense. On one level, we feel that positive changes in and around the workplace have both financial and ‘feel good’ benefits . On another level, it helps build our relationships and reputation with stakeholders and ensures we live up to the expectations of the wider community.


  • TRU Energy supplies all power, both in the office and at home for all employees and management at Blue Pie.

  • CD cases are all recycled wherever possible and we no longer use traditional plastic cases, we have moved to recyclable cardboard. This is both, better for the environment and aesthetically pleasing for the consumer.

  • We now use digital electronic Press kits. Gone are the days of receiving lengthy booklets about artists. Through this we have made business easier and more productive.

  • Paper is all recycled and we only use recycled paper products where possible.

  • Packaging and Bubble Wrap is all recycled. So if you send Blue Pie anything with bubble wrap or packaging more than likely you will get the same packaging sent back.

  • It is a mandate for all personnel at Blue Pie to be on Skype to cut down phone bills.

  • No one is allowed to Buy newspapers any more, all news is taken from the newspapers website.

  • Half flush has been installed in all toilets to comply with water regulations.

  • A staff car pool has been set up in order to get to and from work quicker.