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Black Dawn prepare to meet you on the high seas of metal !!!

Black Dawn has been performing live music of the metal / heavy rock genre in the Long Island / New York City area since 1996.  Black Dawn&..more

Oksana Milles blushes with delight with her new video !!!

Oksana Milles has released her new video for her hot radio friendly song " Blush ". You can check out the video below on YouTube: ..more

Blue Pie wins Australian Excellence award from the US Institute of Trade and Commerce !

We are very pleased to annouce that Blue Pie Productions has been recognized with an "Australian Excellence Award" from a panel of indust..more

The Manhattan Syndrome Teaser Tracks

Following the rave reception of ‘Keepsake’, the first single off their upcoming album ‘Goodbye Iowa’, The Manhattan Syndr..more

DJ Central surpasses "The Cool TV" in website traffic & remains in top 1% of all websites.

DJ Central surpasses the Cool TV in website traffic and remains in the top 1% of all websites. The traffic keeps growing and the fans keep coming. ..more

Planet Blue Pictures distributes "Barnacles and Stripes" film featuring music from SYDONIA!

Planet Blue Pictures announces the distribution of the new Barnacles and Stripes film featuring music from our very own SYDONIA.  Get on b..more

Franco Releases Album!

His voice rings true to his Manchester hometown, and is riddled with raw emotion and sometimes a slight anguish.  There is something about Fra..more

Flyying High!

Canadian hip-hop artist Blow Flyy is flying round the world with his breakthrough track My Wings.  Power FM Radio Stations from one side of th..more

Sydonia Touring Oz!

Crowbar here they come!  This group of four we call Sydonia will be smoking up the cities of Oz over the next month, with a focus on Brisbane&..more

Rakkatak Perform at Harbourfront!

This year at Toronto’s Hot & Spicy Food Festival, not only will there be a fusion of culinary delicacies and cultural wonders, but Rakk..more

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