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Welcome to the services page. Here you will find information about our distribution and general services.

To download Blue Pie's general distribution and services brochure click on the PDF icon below.

Download Blue Pie's General Distribution and Services brochure

If you would like to know more then you can email

Our consulting services are designed to guide our clients through the entire process of promoting and marketing their releases. It includes referrals to other appropriate companies that can become a part of the campaign on the Press, Lifestyle Marketing and Merchandising levels.

Whether you're debuting a new band or your established act is releasing a new effort, our concerted activities will start an early buzz. The Music Industry is in a continuous state of evolution. Every step of promotion and marketing is extremely important and warrants consideration. The Blue Pie Promotion team offers comprehensive promotion strategies that lends years of experience, commitment, persistence and passion you can rely on. We invite you to call on us for a consultation to see how we may fulfil your individual needs.
Blue Pie is a highly creative and flexible company suited to offer our customers a custom music solution to cater to their requirements. All the music that Blue Pie licenses comes from our catalogue or we create with our our own producers, writers and musicians. All the music is produced in at the best facilities that utilises the latest recording technology, equipment and software. The music we create can be provided in any format.

The cost of these services is dependant on what is fully required, and its eventual usage. If you require a service that we have not mentioned on the site then please email us with your requirements and we will do out best to meet your needs.
Blue Pie has a subsidiary " SMS GROOVES " For all your SMS marketing and SMS music services please feel free to contact us and we will get the team from SMS GROOVES onto the case.
eCommerce has become a vital component of almost any type of business strategy. While selling goods and services online may seem to be a simple process, it is fraught with risk and complexity.

Without a proper strategy and carefully considered roll out and development plan, even the most experienced companies can make the wrong decisions and cripple their firm's competitive position in the market.
For companies to compete in today's commercial environment they need an informed business model as well as a specialised mix of the latest technology, customer focused design and contemporary marketing techniques.
Blue Pie's passion is the Internet - but as a business and marketing 'tool'. We understand technology, e-commerce, and e-marketing.
As well as winning in-house talent, we boast a consultant directory of print designers and PR consultants many of which are exclusive to Blue Pie. You need paper we make it talk.
Blue Pie provides the best solution for our clients by developing alliances with leading companies, because we believe very few companies of tomorrow will succeed today by going it alone.