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USA Team


CEO - Holliday Entertainment
BDC - Business Development Team - Blue Pie

Lawrence was raised in Hunter's point community of San Francisco. He has an affinity to the community. From professional athlete, to entrepreneur, Lawrence has achieved personal and business success. A graduate of Gonzaga University, Lawrence has over seventeen years experience in the film industry.

His professional experience embodies a diversity of positions; director, producer, casting agent, actor, and personal assistant to actors Danny Glover and Mykiliti Willamson one the principal actors on the acclaimed NBC television show "Boomtown". He has worked on over thirty independent film, music video and television projects including "Midnight Caller" and "The New WKRP in Cincinnati". Lawrence has worked on feature films including the TNT production of "Buffalo Soldiers" and "Species II". For three years, he was executive producer, director, and writer for "Sports Fan Rap" a local television sport show, which aired on cable channel 32. On the sports show, he interviewed famous professional athletes like Mark McGuire, Barry bonds, Venus Williams and Steve Young.

In the corporate operations management area, Lawrence has managed a diversity of businesses. From 1992-1995, he was an operations manager at the Oakland Zoo. Lawrence implemented several business operations strategies which increased operation efficiencies and profits by 40%. Part of his responsibilities included the direct supervision of thirty employees, and cash management of revenues which were 10 million annually. From 1989- 1992 he was operations manager of Cliffs a supper club and restaurant owned by former NBA player Cliff Robinson. Lawrence responsibilities included infrastructure development, operations and finance management. He managed cash transactions which were upwards of $50,000 daily. Within the first year of business the club grossed over one million dollars. Lawrence Holliday, has over twenty years experience on inspiring youth to reach their potential. He has counselled, coached, and mentored.

Since high school, he has volunteered for several elementary and high schools and non-profit organization throughout San Francisco including the San Francisco Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, and San Francisco Parks and Recreation. For the past ten years, he has conducted youth basketball clinics throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and abroad the Philippines, China, and Canada. For the past six years, he has collaborated with several non profit community based organizations in the San Francisco Hunters Point community including, Milton Myers, Joseph Lee Recreation Center and The Boys and Girls Club on film production training to youth ages 14 -21. He has worked with over 1,000 youth and improved the business operations of other local business communities within San Francisco.

One of Lawrence's greatest personal achievements was head coach of Magic Johnson's professional basketball team, the "Magic Johnson All Stars" for the 2001 season at the DADA SummerPro League in Southern California. Since 1999, he is the owner and head coach of the basketball team "San Mateo" in the San Francisco SummerProAm League who were the 2000 and 2006 league champions. In 2001 Lawrence founded Holliday Foundation a 501(3)(c) non-profit corporation. The mission of Holliday Foundation is to provide youth an opportunity to enhance their quality of life by developing their social and employment skills. The objectives are to 1) train inner city youth, ages 14 to 21, in film and video productions and 2) Develop competitive and marketable employment skills for any career they wish to pursue. Lawrence Holliday, is man you can count on to get the job done. He holds integrity, perseverance and modesty as three of his key motto's in life and simply loves what he does every single day he wakes up and starts to work.

As part of the USA Business Development Team, Lawrence aka "Doc" works with Jon Taber and Damien Reilly to expand Blue Pie's catalogue of Films and Documentaries and to seek out license placements for the Blue Pie into new film, cable and advertising projects. We are honoured to have "Doc" on the team.


Blue Pie Records - International Business Development Team and Brand Strategist 

DJ Central - International Business Development Team and Brand Strategist 

Brian Lassiter is considered one of the pioneers of the " Atlanta Rap and Hip Hop" music scene. Brian began his career in the music industry at thirteen working as a musician and style setter for his musical piers. He was mentored by one of the greatest record industry veterans "Mr Gene Burleson " and with Gene as his role model he soon moved to become his prodigy. This led to his development of a notable amount of experience in radio, promotions, marketing, production and distribution, all by the time he reach the age of seventeen. From here the only was was up as they say !

Brians early artist recordings in the 80's, Brian was at the pulse of the the Atlanta Hip Hop and Rap scene. In the mid to late 80's Brian worked as an Audio Engineer and Camera Operator, accumulating vast local and international recognition and far too many awards to count. Some of these accomplishments include his extensive work with record labels like Downstairs Productions, which later grew into World Premiere Records. 

His cultural insights to the origins of hip-hop have lead to editorial postings and requests for his writing services at several rap magazines and shows. Brian has been featured as a guest speaker at a number of business panels, seminars and music conferences over the past 30 years. 

Ultimately his years of extensive experience within the music industry led to the development and management of his own record labels incluiding: Mixworld, a wholesale DJ mixtape distribution company and the Pyramid Records Group. 

For more information on Brian " Google " his name " Brian Lassiter ". 


SVP - Jazz Content for North America

Even before signing with Blue Pie Records, Dave's education and years of experience within the jazz scene have made him of crucial signficance to the Blue Pie Records A & R and Business Development Team. 

The beginning development of Dave's impressive history of experience is derived from his youth in Detroit, Michigan, where was he was inspired by the city's rich musical heritage. Dave later went on to study at the University of Michigan were he became deeply devoted to the study of jazz and the perfection of his art.  He later went on to continue his studies in San Francisco where he studied jazz and music alongside legendary bassist Herbie Lewis (McCoy Tyner, Cannonball Adderly, Les McCann) at the New College of California.

While living in San Francisco, Sharp served as bassist and composer for the modern jazz ensemble the Spheres of Influence and the Killer Joe Trio. After touring the West Coast with rock legends THE MELVINS, and playing a run of jazz venues in Tokyo, JAPAN, Sharp returned home to the metropolitan Detroit area in 1998, where he continues to compose, record, teach and perform live in front of appreciative audiences today.

Dave Sharp's newest project, titled 'Dave Secret Seven" has been described as a group that transcends musical, national, and ethnic boundaries by re-interpreting, not fusing, influences from Africa, Asia, the Latin world, Blue Note Jazz, and that other planet, New Orleans.

We are honoured to have Dave on the team, his impressive life experiences and obvious passion for his line of work will make him a valid member of our team. 


Business Development North America 

Olga brings a wide variety of skills to the table. Her background includes work in theater, music, film, radio and event production. Her go getter attitude and sense of humour has amassed a reputation of being well liked by her peers and employers and for being able to follow through on commitments in timely fashion. Olga has a greta deal of integrity and true care for her work, whether her own creative productions or working for others.

She can adapt to any working environment and job description easily, and can juggle multiple tasks at the same time. She is comfortable speaking in front of large crowds and has built up a solid network of filmmakers in New Orleans.

Her list of accolades are numerous and include short films, feature films, documentaries and TV show productions. As part of her role in the USA Business Development Team, Olga manages and oversees the expansion of the Blue Pie and DJ Central video and media production services. Working with her local network Olga brings a vast and wide network to the table that provides the DJ Central and Blue Pie Artists with access to highly experienced production staff and resources that provides our clients with a marketing leading edge in cost effectiveness and a high quality world class output for any and all projects.

Olga is a highly accomplished musician, singer and song writer. We are honoured to have Olga on the team. You can find out more on Olga by visting her website at

USA Consultants


Naomi Krell began her career in the Music Industry at 18 working for a UK independent music company and within a short period of time she found herself head of the export department. After a quick few years, Naomi landed a job with Avanti Records, which had become one of the largest UK export distribution companies servicing both Europe and Scandinavia. The company was sold in the late 80’s to one of her customers Telstar Records, a leading UK TV advertising company at the time.

Following that time, Naomi moved to the US in the early 90’s and founded Avant Garde Merchandising, a music distribution company distributing to all major US retailers. While working with Wal-Mart, her largest client at the time, she helped design and introduce their Canadian budget music program.

In 2006, Naomi founded Kings Road Multi Media with offices based in London and Los Angeles. Under her direction Kings Road Multi Media developed its own re-issue label for distribution.  Kings Road titles have been distributed to major retailers in the US and Europe, including Wal-Mart, Borders, Barnes and Nobel, Tower, HMV and mail order.  Kings Road began creating custom packages for brands in all genres of music.  Quickly becoming known for its creative and beautiful packages, Kings was commissioned by music labels to add to their repertoire. For example, a Jazz line for Wagram in France and a Country line for Publishers clearing house in the US along with individual titles for TV direct response companies.

In response to the new digital world of music distribution, Naomi and the Kings Road team developed a unique platform at Love My Download delivers branded digital rewards, music, eBook and film, that offer a highly perceived value loyalty product, which has been used successfully for incentive, referral, loyalty and other brand marketing campaigns and programs. The platform's success is due to its customization and sensory memory impact. 

In a short period of time Kings Road Multimedia has worked with big brand names such as Kimberly Clark, The Hilton Group, Radio Times, Milestone hotels, City National Bank, Vodafone, Johnson and Johnson, M&M’s, Daily Mail Rewards, Airlines such as Etihad and KLM.

Naomi’s philosophy on business is all about life long relationships, building together with a free exchange of ideas and success. Sales is listening to the needs of the customer and if you don’t do it yet create it! Her mother’s mantra was “there is no such word as can’t” this has stuck with her always.





CEO - Tekmatrix Sounds
Business Development Consultant - Blue Pie -

Lucien L. Wall, born in Brooklyn, New York was exposed to music at an early age. Exposed to different types of music being raised within the West-Indian culture (Jazz, Blues, Calypso, Reggae, Latin) he took those musical tastes with his passion of the Hip-Hop Culture to pursue his dream of achieving success as an Entrepreneur in the Music Business environment.

After relocating to Miami with his Mother and Sister in his Teenage years, Lucien used music as an outlet of expression to cope with many personal trials and tribulations growing up in Brooklyn & Miami. He found a Niche in DJ’ing while he attended high school in the mid 90’s; the business opportunities that where created based on his love of music was all the confirmation that he needed to pursue his goal and manifest his visions in the Entertainment Industry. He was under the wing of DJ EFN and DJ N.V (NVS Styles) in Miami, and played an instrumental part of the Hip-Hop Radio Show "Sewer Series" that was syndicated throughout the Armed Forces Radio Network from 1996-1999, originally conceived as a mixtape series focusing on exposing independent artists and hip-hop music to a world wide audience throughout the network. Throughout this tenure, he attended Florida International University after graduating High School to obtain a Business Management Degree while working full-time to pay for his tuition in the retail industry.

His ambition at such an early age of 23 paid off as he was offered a corporate management position in New York City for CVS Pharmacy in the year 2001. After accepting the position, he used the opportunity to find a break in the Music Industry by DJ’ing at various events in New York City contributing to the Hip-Hop Community, which lead to his first opportunity gaining access inside the entertainment industry as an Promotions Intern for Fatbeats Records; arguably on of the most celebrated independent outlets of hip hop music throughout the world!

After years of exposure in ‘Corporate-America’ gaining the tools needed to manifest his vision in the industry, he decided to resign and attend school Full-time again, this time at one of the most prestigious Multimedia Schools in the country, Full Sail University, in Orlando Florida in 2006. Throughout his time at Full Sail, he acted as the Vice-President for the MEISA Chapter at Full Sail as well as an acting member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) contributing to many events in the Music Scene in Orlando most notably, the Florida Music Festival through his time in Orlando.

After obtaining an Associates of Science Degree in Recording Arts and Bachelors Of Science Degree in Music & Entertainment Business with Honors, he decided to relocate to Atlanta, GA, to strengthen his ties and gain more exposure in the Music Scene in Atlanta in 2008. His first opportunity was an internship with 360 Music Group as an Audio Engineer Intern. After an abrupt ending with this company, he decided to freelance and offer his services to multiple studios around town. As a result, he gained experience of working with acts such as CHILI, ROCK CITY, ALGEBRA, DRUMMA BOY, and many other independent artists in Atlanta. In the winter of 2008, he was introduced to Nina K. Easton, Co-Founder of the famed "Ichiban Records", (one of the largest independent record companies in the music business, and the first major independent label based in Atlanta, GA with acts such as Vanilla Ice, MC Breed, 95 South, Clarence Carter & Curtis Mayfield) and gained a new venture opportunity with 404 Music/ IMG International as acting General Manager with Nina K. Easton as the President & CEO.

He currently works with acts on the label to manage album production, marketing overview, A&R, and artist development.


A & R Director Urban and Hip Hop - North America - Blue Pie Records USA
A & R Director Urban and Hip Hop - North America – DJ Central Records USA  

Born Oscar J. Clemons Jr. in Atlanta Georgia 1971, Oscar had music in his family from the time he was born. As a child, Oscar was a dancer and a very talented sportsman, playing football. A promising football was cut short due to an injury at college. Not one to ever let things stop his passion to succeed, he placed his energy into his music career.

In the 90’s, Oscar was fortunate to secure one of the very rare intern roles at MCA Records. During his 6 months as an intern he quickly built relationships with the team at MCA and worked on the promotions team for some of the greatest artists of all time including Mary J. Blige album “411”, Jodeci album “Forever my lady” and “Diary of a mad band”, Father MC album “Close to you”, Christopher Williams album “Changes”, Heavy D. and the Boys album “Blue Funk”, Guy Album “New Jack Swing”, Al B. Sure Album “In Effect Mode” and many others. Oscar worked very hard, and this created lifelong friendships that are still there to this day and earned him respect within the industry  at a very early age. Oscar was at Uptown MCA from 1991-1994. This was an incredible stepping stone to the start of his career. The experience and friendships formed provided him with the opportunity to work the greats like Sean Puffy Combs aka P. Diddy.

Late in 1994 the opportunity arose for Oscar to work at “Rap-A lot Records”. At Rap-A-Lot”, Oscar worked on taking the “Ghetto Boys” album “Uncut Dope, Till Death Do Us Part” to the top of the charts. He also worked on promoting the “5th Ward Boyz album “Ghetto Dope” and one of Hip Hop’s iconic stars “Scarface” and his album “The World Is Yours”. That album was a strong seller and went top 10 on the Billboard charts as a direct result of Oscar’s team and his hard work.

Later in the 90’s Oscar made the move to return to his home roots in Atlanta Georgia. From here he set up his home consulting business in the Music Industry. Focusing on promoting artists and breaking acts through the major label system. During this time Oscar worked on many great albums promoting them to the greater North American music markets including working with record labels like Laface Records, SoSo Def, Rowdy Records, and Noontime Records. Oscar has been a vital and instrumental cog in the development of these labels, their artist rosters and the success that they enjoyed during the explosive growth years for the Rap and Hip Hop scene in North America.

Oscar’s passion for music did not just stop at his super marketing and sales skills. In the late 90’s Oscar wanted to get hands on engineering skills and that’s when he decided to intern at Darp Studios under Dallas Austin. His work ethic is “can do“ and there are no problems in Oscar’s world, only solutions that need to be found.

As Oscar says: 

“If you are not asking the right questions then how can you get the right answers. Treat people with respect and soon enough it follows you and you can build a name, a name and a meaning to the saying my word is my bond and that’s been the secret to my success. Say what you mean and do what you say. It is that simple”

While working hard in the studio caves Oscar learnt his craft fast from working with great engineers like Leslie Brathwaite, and by working at studios like Dopplers Studio and Stankonia Studio working under John Fryer.

In the later part of 2010 Oscar decided to focus on developing his marketing and promotional resources and to build his promotions and marketing teams to help take on the new digital landscape.

As Oscar says:

“The music world has changed and if you do not adapt you will find yourself out of work”

 Oscar has watched the world of Hip Hop change so radically and the income streams that were once the life blood of the industry from vinyl to physical CD products vanish before our eyes. It is a digital world now, and a world that needs to new productions ways to grow income for artists.

With this in mind, in 2012, Oscar has started a mentoring program to help guide and develop new artists and to show them that the world of the entertainment industry for emerging music artist means hard work and the development of a show that people will come back and see time and time again.

As Oscar says:

“The industry is called the Entertainment Industry and that means you have to entertain and you need to be able to do it live if you want to have a chance to have a career in the new millennium music industry. If not, then this will be a hobby for the artist and that’s ok. Today we need to understand that the industry produces music in quantities that have never before existed and not much of it is great. Great music always finds its way to radio and onto the charts because it is great. There is a reason why great albums are great, and that’s because people invested into the recording of the music, the musicians that played on the recording and into the marketing and promotion of the record. Today more than ever artists need to have their focus on the production standard and to focus on being able to entertain.

Today, Oscar spends his time between teaching kids to focus on the development of their music craft, live show and seeking new talent for the rosters of Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records. He owns and operates a very successful marketing and promotions business, working with many of the icon artists of today including Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy, Trey Songz, Avant to name a few.

Oscar is the A & R Director for North America for DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records. Oscar works with Brian Lassiter and Damien Reilly to develop, nurture and promote new talent in the Hip Hop and Urban genres. Working with Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records icon roster and all priority artists, Oscar oversees all aspects of their marketing and promotional needs.

Oscar is constantly hunting down and finding that illusive hit for his artists and we are honored to have Oscar on the team. For more information on Oscar you can visit the Blue Pie Records and DJ Central Records websites.



Business Development Consultant - Blue Pie Records -

CEO - Celestial Caring Enterprises, LLC -

LinkedIn Profile

Tishawn Seaton has years of expertise in discovering talent; developing artists; and exposing their talents to the public, media, & industry executives. Tishawn has an entrepreneurial spirit with the training & experience necessary to assist you in succeeding with your company. To expand her knowledge & keep up with what is new in the field of marketing, she obtained her Professional Marketing Coaching Master Certification.  Ms. Seaton is honoured to be a part of Blue Pie and together it will be a powerful team that is well respected and known for the effective efforts on behalf of the artists represented. She has the ability to give independent artists an opportunity to collaborate with the mainstream industry sector through her high profile connections and good relationships that she has maintained.

This new opportunity has led her to make the decision to operate her company, Celestial Caring Enterprises, LLC as a Full Service Independent Record Label for the East Coast territories.  Furthermore, as an Executive Associate Consultant for Blue Pie Productions USA, LLC, Ms. Seaton will be able to provide comprehensive business development services on behalf of BPP in order to tap into various opportunities for area market expansion.