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“Village To Village” Tsunami relief appeal

Hey Damien and the Blue Pie Team, thank you for your contributions to the "Village To Village" Tsunami relief appeals in January and March this year. These were local, grass roots initiatives from local surfing communities, musicians and pro surfers on the Northern beaches of Sydney which through the assistance of the Lions Club International, Quiksilver, engin and Surf Aid International raised over $15,000.00 from these events. The funds raised went to specific villages in the Mentawi and Tews islands who were largely missed by mainstream aid at the time of this horrendous disaster. These contributions were invaluable in saving lives through medical aid and support. Thank you for so much for your valued contribution.

Matt Farmer,
Event Coordinator,
Groove Communications


To Damien and Team at Blue Pie

"We are very happy with the web site designed for Jacquie. It features the soft and beautiful nature she has which comes through in her musical interpretations. The audience is able to be involved both personally and intimately with what it is that jacquie is really about - the desire to write music and interpret ideas and feelings through her vocal talents. The site reflects the wonderful journey she is enjoying with her music."

Tim Green,
Jacquie Green

To Damien Reilly – CEO – Blue Pie
Dear Damien On behalf of everyone involved in Foundation Diane and the Institute for Magnetic Resonance Research (IMRR) we thank you and all at Blue Pie for your support and creativity in the launch of Foundation Diane. The inaugural Gala and auction could not have happened without the support received from a wide range of professionals such as the team at Blue Pie. Your willingness and ability to secure the performers for the evening of the calibre of Barry Crocker, Rodney Marks, Dino Jag and Tommee made it an event to be remembered. Your Hollywood memorabilia added a unique touch to the auction items. It was very exciting for many of us to even have the opportunity to see Elvis Presley and John Lennon memorabilia. Click here to see the full letter With kind regards Professor Carolyn Mountford Chief Executive www.imrr.org.au & www.foundationdiane.com

To Damien and the great crew at Blue Pie.
Thanks for the awesome site. The site is kickass.....very slick yet Slimey.sweet.

Nick Soole

LIVE 365

To Damien and the Blue Pie LIVE 365 Team.
I would like to offer you congratulations on your recent success in securing the Internet radio broadcasts for the Rabbitohs and Hawks. We look forward to seeing and hearing what you will be putting together for each of the teams.

We look forward to our continued relationship with Blue Pie as well as your future success in bringing additional teams and businesses to the world of Internet broadcasting with Live365 and Blue Pie.
Keep up the good work and best wishes from the Live365 team!
Sincerely, GJ
Garrett Jamison
Director, New Business Sales


"I found Blue Pie to be DYNAMIC, INNOVATIVE and extremely CREATIVE in ideas to help grow ideas. The box does not exist when dealing with them."

Kelvin Kirk
Marketing Director


In the time that Slimey Things have worked with Blue Pie Productions, Blue Pie has assisted in the production of our Live DVD, our web site and our soon to be released EP. Blue Pie has also assisted in our publicity and various other business affairs, helping us to gain the recognition we have achieved to date.

Damien Reilly's commitment to good music and willingness to take risks on acts that others may overlook, ensures that audiences will hear a diverse range of music that they may otherwise be deprived of. Together Slimey Things and Blue Pie productions will rule the galaxy with an iron fist!

Nick Soole
Supreme carbon-based entity, Slimey Things


Hey Damien,
Thanks heaps for the site design. It looks fantastic! The feedback I've had from everyone has been great, so THANK YOU. You guys rock.

Michael McGlynn


To Damien and Web Crew at Blue Pie

Thank you for creating such a fantastic cool site. We get great feedback all the time and the design rocks.

John Wright
Managing Director


Dear Damien
I am impressed it is exactly what I wanted I love it.....many thanks for a wonderful job well done !

Marie Linker

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