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Avery May Parker is one of our artists, and also a member of our team. The musical exploits she engages in with Key Loch as the band’s original vocalist are noteworthy, but this bio will focus on all the duties she performs behind the scenes to ensure that our network of companies runs smoothly. She acts as the Creative Media and Media Strategy Services organiser at our companies.

Avery’s full-time role mainly concerns the Sync Pitches she’s created for Blue Pie and DJ Central! She spearheaded the effort with her team and the results are fantastic. Straight from our Film Production Partners and License Team, these Sync Concepts show off the very best of our music, paired with footage montages that demonstrate just what kind of moods the songs could pair with!

When she’s not performing as a music artist, Avery works to create the series that we call “Mashups”, and as you can see from the results on our partner Planet Blue’s Youtube channel, the videos and their quality speak for themselves. Such quality is sourced from a place of expertise, and Avery is most definitely experienced in many walks of life. Here are a few of her previous adventures.

Theatrix Performing Arts Experience

  • Senior Qualified Dance and Music Teacher
  • Dressmaker
  • Receptionist
  • Stage hand
  • Set Designer

IICONIC Creative Experience

  • Senior Production Manager
  • Senior Video Editor
  • Senior Creative Advisor
  • Senior Promo and Events Manager
  • Senior Photographer and Videographer
  • Senior Lighting Specialist
  • Sound engineer
  • Logo and Brand Creator
  • Social Media Management
  • Staff Recruitment Officer
  • Company Marketing Representative – Client Base
  • Composer and Performer for Videos and Events
  • Animator
  • Adobe Suite Specialist

Shellharbour City Council Experience

  • Contractual Promo Videographer and Editor
  • Events Management

Stockland: Australia-wide

  • The GTP Group
  • AMP Capitol
  • Brandworx
  • Aventus
  • Sydney Hopper
  • All other sectors

General Experience

  • The National Surveying Congress
  • Rewind Motorcycles
  • Premiere Buses
  • Australian Tinting
  • Other independent businesses

Avery also works very closely with the group known as Key Loch, the main duo of which are Damien Reilly and Justin Gross. They are the founders of the 90’s power Aussie Rock Band Southpaw. The best of Key Loch can be found in Avery’s contributions to it, whether they be vocal or behind the scenes.

Key Loch links:

Avery is a valuable member of our team and she makes her wealth of experience known in her contributions to our Sync Pitch department. Without her, not only would Key Loch not have as iconic a start as they did, but we also wouldn’t have the Sync Concepts that really help potential interested parties see just how flexible our catalogue’s music can be. With her on our team, we know that we’ll be presenting what we have with a confident and intelligent method that helps bring it all home.

If you’re interested in the musical talent side of things, check out Avery’s artist bio by clicking here!

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