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  • BCAD 2017, Double Major – Sound Production/English, CSU

Edmund is the Media Manager for Blue Pie, DJ Central, Ordior, and other related subsidiaries. He handles various tasks for DJ Central, Blue Pie, Metal Central, and other related companies, mostly in the form of promotion, statistical reports, and market strategy. He also has written all the news articles, new releases, and newsletters for these websites since advancing to this role in January 2019, and believes in putting passion and creativity first.

Edmund studied at Charles Sturt University Wagga Wagga from 2013-2017, and has a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design, with a double major in sound production and English.  He has a particular fascination with creative writing. He enjoys electronic ambient music, drum and bass, and hip-hop.

Edmund started his role at the company as a volunteer intern, where he managed content and spent many hours reorganising disorderly song catalogues, and checking thousands of songs for their audio quality. From there, he advanced into a paid role, and used his organisational skills and attention to detail to keep an enormous database of music and artists orderly and under control. He later transitioned into the role of social media manager, and has previously led a small team of four people within the social media department. Previously, he has been tasked with managing social media profiles and managing relationships with their respective fan bases, via hundreds of one-on-one conversations. He has also previously spent extensive time planning with his team on how best to promote new music releases on social media, and managing the promotion and social media of viral artists such as DL Down3r, building connections with them. Per his previous roles, when required, he revisits the world of catalogue organisation and uploading, and social media management, when required. However, most of his time is spent in his current role of media manager, and he continues to use his organisational skills to the fullest.

In his current position, Edmund is responsible for the company’s media. He can often be found organising spread sheets of artist catalogues, tour dates, social media reach trends, and other complex data. He also puts his creative writing skills to work, by writing and editing artist bios, new releases, technical manuals for new employees, and promotional articles. He has also put his strange thoughts into practice alongside Sara Cornish to create company-branded Tik Tok videos, with the objective being as much ridiculous entertainment as can be achieved. Beyond this, Edmund also handles many other miscellaneous tasks, and his role is as diverse as it comes.

Edmund is a persistent worker and hates the disorder that arises from working under a flimsy plan. He is a creative thinker and enjoys keeping everything functional, neat, and orderly. He believes that to think outside the box, one has to thoroughly understand the box inside and out, before one dares deconstruct it – and, as he puts it, he also believes in “a lot of other pretentious stuff just like that too”.

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