South America Team


Social Media Assitant (DL Down3r)

Daniela Del Pontigo was born in Buenos Aires, and currently works for our social media promo team out of Argentina. She has a degree in hotel Administration and tourism, and has 12 years of experience managing Events, Marketing and Communications.

Daniela accrued started her working life through working in the Howard Johnson chain, performing duties in different hotels and positions, such as reservations, account executive duties, sales manager duties, communication, marketing, sales, and coordination of corporate and social events. That kind of flexible social energy is important for positions such as her current one, that being the Social Media assistant for DL Down3r’s posts.

Down3r requires an exceptionally unique approach to his social media due to the extensive following he has amassed for hits like his signature song, Suga Boom Boom. Daniela is now in charge of spearheading those efforts, through typical methods such as social media posting, as well as more advanced duties such as one-on-one engagement with DL’s many fans in private messages. Her background makes her the perfect fit for these kinds of duties, and rather than working as a jack-of-all-trades for social media, having her focused on DL primarily is sure to help keep the ball rolling on one of our most popular and beloved artists.

Daniela loves music like rock and reggae. In her free time, she enjoys walking, biking, and running. She is a most welcome addition to the LATAM team, especially considering her critical role.

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