South America Team


Radio & Playlist Assistant

Daniela Flores is a radio and playlist assistant working with our Latin American team. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she’s passionate about creative processes and stimulating challenges aimed at achieving goals. This makes sense, as she’s also a journalist. She has experience in writing, directing, producing and press, and has mainly worked out of Venezuela, Argentina and the US.

In 2014, she created “Eurek! Magazine”, a digital entertainment and variety magazine, furthering her journalism journey to the next level. She enjoys working in a team, but can also fly solo. This level of people skills and management experience is doubtlessly going to come in handy, as distributing our gargantuan catalogue across multiple radio networks every day requires persistence, clever planning, and piles upon piles of spreadsheets!
Daniela is always ready to lead a team in any task that comes her way, and is the quintessential extrovert, as she says she is nourished by each person and each experience that comes her way. If anyone is up to the task of radio and playlist management, it’s Daniela.


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