South America Team


Content Team Assistant

Sofía Wheeler is a content team assistant from Argentina, currently living in Buenos Aires and working for our Latin American team. She loves music, which sees her fitting nicely into her current role of sorting various kinds of music content for our companies. Our catalogue is immense and grows bigger every day, and as a result, not all of it is organised. But with diligent minds like Sofía’s on the case, the ever-increasing tide of work isn’t just manageable, it’s sure to lead to lots of exciting releases!
A go-getter of 25, Sofía considers herself a highly motivated, adaptable and responsible person. Most of her work experience is in costumer service, but she’s very excited to learn about the music industry, and to grow professionally from this experience. Her role is vital, as it’s due to content workers like herself that our various compilation series are created in the first place. These collections of various talents can help shine a spotlight on a small-time indie artist who otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed in today’s highly competitive music industry, and give passionate artists their true chance to shine.
With people like Sofía behind the wheel, we’re expecting plenty more such stories to happen in the future, and we look forward to the world discovering some hidden gems as a result of her work!
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