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Brian Lassiter is considered one of the pioneers of the ” Atlanta Rap and Hip Hop” music scene. Brian began his career in the music industry at thirteen working as a musician and style setter for his musical piers. He was mentored by one of the greatest record industry veterans “Mr Gene Burleson ” and with Gene as his role model he soon moved to become his prodigy. This led to his development of a notable amount of experience in radio, promotions, marketing, production and distribution, all by the time he reach the age of seventeen. From here the only was was up as they say !

Brians early artist recordings in the 80’s, Brian was at the pulse of the the Atlanta Hip Hop and Rap scene. In the mid to late 80’s Brian worked as an Audio Engineer and Camera Operator, accumulating vast local and international recognition and far too many awards to count. Some of these accomplishments include his extensive work with record labels like Downstairs Productions, which later grew into World Premiere Records.

His cultural insights to the origins of hip-hop have lead to editorial postings and requests for his writing services at several rap magazines and shows. Brian has been featured as a guest speaker at a number of business panels, seminars and music conferences over the past 30 years.

Ultimately his years of extensive experience within the music industry led to the development and management of his own record labels incluiding: Mixworld, a wholesale DJ mixtape distribution company and the Pyramid Records Group.

For more information on Brian ” Google ” his name ” Brian Lassiter “.

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