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Danny Vash recording new songs for 2018 !
06 Oct 2017

Danny has been very busy recording some new songs for release over Xmas and the new year for 2018. The tracks have been recording at Studio City Sound LA USA. The new records feature a stellar cast including:

  • Danny Vash – Guitars | Vocals
  • Danny Saber – Production | Bass | Arrangements
  • Kenny Aronoff – Drums
  • Tom Polce – Mixing
  • Chris Garcia – Mixing and Vocal Comping
  • Damien Reilly – Pre-Production | Production | Arrangements.

The team are working on two powerhouse rock classics penned by Danny Vash. They are ” Taking Control and Viking Warrior”. Rock is something that seems to be in decline these days but not with Danny and this production team. This is classic metal | rock that takes you back to the days of Poison, Led Zeplin, ZZ Top, Heaven and Bon Jovi to name a few. These are acts that Danny would be right at home opening up for any day of the week.

Danny’s guitar virtuoso skills are at their peak on these tracks. You can check out Danny’s interview below on the Blue Pie YouTube site and this will give you an insight to his creative and general production process that he goes through to create these rock classics.

Danny Vash Interview at Studio City Sound LA !

The Danny Vash production team have already knocked out one amazing rock track ” Hard Life ” that has already been nominated for several awards including:

  • Danny Vash wins the best rock song with Akademia Award for 2017 Akademia Gala Event in Los Angeles, California on April 20, 2017.
  • Hard Life nominated for best rock song for 2017 with New Mexico Platinum Music Awards
  • Hard Life nominated for the 2017 HMMA Hollywood in Music Media Awards for best new song and best new rock artist
  • Hard Life nominated for the Rock for the International Songwriting Contest for the best rock song for 2017.

Check out the official Danny Vash links below:

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