What They Say About Us !

Michael Browning and Deluxe Records sends the good vibes !
I love working with Damien at Blue Pie Records. His passion for new revenue sources for my catalogue have been rewarding.

Michael Browning Founder | CEO Deluxe Records www.deluxerecords.net

Bobby and the Teemates send the love !

I wanted to say that I totally thrilled to have this great new site.
I love the promo team and all the work you guys do. You did a FABULOUS Job on that formerly Forlorn Page. You and Blue Pie are to be congratulated.

Thanking all of you for what you do.

All the best,

G.I Records send the love and good vibes !

I have been working with Damien on Blue Pie for 15 years and watched the business form from an idea to a fully functional digital platform with a proprietary accounting back-end which has functionality I have not seen elsewhere.

When my business stated to acquire digital content in 2005, Blue Pie was the obvious choice. Galvanising Records started recently as a content business and I am confident the Blue Pie platform will do all I need to propagate to a wide range of consumer platforms and help us account accurately to artists and licensors.

Colin Seeger B.Juris LL.B
Galvanisingideas.com Pty Ltd | GI Records Australia | IP Value Engineering

Miracle West Entertainment Inc send the love and thanks to Blue Pie Records USA !

To The Blue Pie Records Team:
The experience we have had with Blue Pie Records and Blue Pie Productions has been a Top-Notch experience. The CEO Damien Reilly and the team at Blue Pie has exceeded the level of expertise and professionalism.

The infrastructure of my label was set up to where we can track and monitor all digital retail sales and up streams without any hassles. The reports and statements have always been easy to monitor and follow. The Global distribution services at Blue Pie Records has taken my new releases around the globe. Countries that I could never get my music heard by before has become a dream come true through Blue Pie Records.

I will be the 1st to admit that being a part of Blue Pie Records & Blue Pie Productions, has made my label Miracle West Entertainment a Global name to be recognized.

Thank you once again to Damien and the team for creating a Master Record Label that sits atop it's own throne of success. Blue Pie is the Future driving force of Music.

Mike C

Thanks from BJ Sam | DJ Central Artist

It's been so amazing working with Blue Pie Records USA. They have proved themselves creative, helpful, consistent, and a pleasure to work with.

Their non stop push has placed BJ Sam beautiful songs as soundtrack for big commercials, TV, Films, Documentaries and other media for Troma Entertainment USA, SoundPro Music Canada, XerciseLab Russia, TV5Monde France, Motion Manager Austria, DJ Central TV Australia and countless others.

BJ Sam
DJ Central Recording Artist

Cadillac Bill Thanks Blue Pie Productions & Planet Blue Pictures

I want to thank the team at Planet Blue Pictures and Blue Pie Productions for the great work they have done in promoting THE CADILLAC BILL SHOW.

Three great web sites: cadillacbill.ca, cadillacbillshow.com and the IMDB site. A great deal of time and effort has gone into this project and I am extremely grateful for all your help.

In a short period of time, the show is now being aired in countries and on channels throughout the world.  You've all definitely got the show heading in the right direction; it's on its now on its way!  Thanks for all the help.

Cheers to y'all at Planet Blue Pictures and Blue Pie Productions!!!
Cadillac Bill 
www.cadillacbill.ca | www.cadillacbillshow.com

Cadillac Bill Show - now avaliable on Amazon Prime! from Planet Blue Pictures USA on Vimeo.

Peter Head talks about his experience with Blue Pie Records

Blue Pie Records have renewed my faith in the future of the Australian Recording Industry.

I was getting old, cynical, bitter, and twisted until I recently got a call from Lindsay Osborne, (aka Linzi O). He introduced me to his good friend, ceo-Damien ,and now I feel I have found a team that now only CARES about the music, but who are prepared to actually get down and dirty to do the hard creative work necessary to create new looking and sounding product, and for that I am full of admiration. And then...they really know how to sell it world-wide better than anyone I have ever seen.

These boys saw the future way back in the beginning, and now their hard work will make them deserve to be the last people standing at the end. And did I mention that it is not only exciting , but fun to be around them, and I hope that it will go on ,and on, and show the rest of the world how to do it.

All the best, my friends.

Peter Head
Resident Psychedelic Godfather,
still the hardest working muso in the country today!

To the Blue Pie Team and Damien “The Lion King” Reilly – Thank You !

I just wanted to say that I'm so grateful for all that you are keep doing every day to help with my career and if there is anything that I can do to help Blue Pie, please let me know. Even if it's writing music to keep your employees harmonious!!!

You guys are the best and I do not know what I would be doing without you. Thanks for the total faith in me and my music.

Michael Horsphol

Thanks from Craig Fraser for all the great work !

Hi Damien and the Blue Pie admin team, I just wanted to say a big thanks to you and all of the Blue Pie team for all of your hard work in assisting me with Austrade and establishing me as a music exporter.Through your extensive network and unparalleled business model you have shown me the power of good marketing and the potential that access to the whole world can bring.

This was only achievable with the backing of Blue Pie. The future is looking good.

Thanks again for all you and the team do each day for me and my music.

Craig Fraser www.craigfraserband.com

Tony Shocash sends praise to Blue Pie Record’s team

I would like to thank you for the continual support you provide our label. Damien and the Blue Pie team has helped promote my artist (ChiiDo) and has always demonstrated a professional understanding of the music industry. As our label partner, Blue Pie are always attentive to our needs and was always available to answer questions. I would recommend Damien and Blue Pie to anyone in the music & media industry.

Tony ShoCash (CEO)
ShoCash Entertainment

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