New Releases

A while back, smack in the middle of the wretched 2020 quarantine, we brought a certain collaboration to your attention. That was of course "Love's... more [ + ]

Coming fresh off their recent hit Where Is The Love, Key Loch are bringing us another passionate single! Come Home To Me is a worthy... more [ + ]

We'll start 2021 off fresh by looking back on what Bigg Cixx achieved in 2020! We've already gone over 69.2 Hoe Day and New Fresh Prince,... more [ + ]

Indigenous Australia & Lifestyle Entertainment have been bringing a very special kind of flavour to our catalogue ever since we teamed up! The sort of... more [ + ]

2020 has been the year of constant Soularflair content! From dropping into our offices and brainstorming with us, to making sweet music videos for the... more [ + ]

It's FINALLY out! We teased this a while back, and now it's finally time to truly get wild - the collab EP between Dave Evans... more [ + ]

When we last heard of Dino Jag, he was up to his usual tricks with She's A Mod and of course Hurt Myself! Not to... more [ + ]

Just as the year ends, here comes a song to really close things out on an emotional note. With a passionate and catchy bang, 2020... more [ + ]

Last time, he was just teasing us with the upcoming single, "Alone". But now Kay L has brought it to us for real, and it... more [ + ]

New Zealand's phenomenal dog combo, The Woofers And Tweeters Ensemble, made their debut with this infamous parody! You gotta love the Kiwis' sense of humour,... more [ + ]

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