New Releases

You hear that? That pulsing rhythm in your soul? That sound that just urges you to get up and dance?! That's the effect that Sean... more [ + ]

To continue our African theme of the last few new releases (which can be found here and here) here's the popular Afrobeatz albums! These are... more [ + ]

Can't get enough of our stockpile of Afrobeat, Afropop, Afrogroove, and other African music? Was last time not enough? Well, we might just have a... more [ + ]

Blue Pie productions and Edega entertainment are thrilled to bring  you a premium source for all things Afrobeat, Afrogroove, and Afrodance! The African Dance Time... more [ + ]

Bigg Cixx, Young Lama, and Spezloaks... sounds like a match made in heaven. And it just might be, since they've brought Heaven On Earth to... more [ + ]

Bigg Cixx is just a hustler- he's an honest man trying to get his music out there to the world, and so far the world... more [ + ]

The young star from Real Touch Records has brought Joy to Blue Pie Records, and hopefully he can bring it to you too! "Joy" is... more [ + ]

We have a hot new release for all of you- D-DOT Music has made an entire album of sick beats perfect to freestyle over, for... more [ + ]

For all the emotional souls in the audience, Nickeishia Barnes has the album for you. The passionate, soul-driven vocals burst through the chill, grooving beats,... more [ + ]

Success David has just released three hit tracks on a brand new EP! Say hello to your new favourite listening pasttime, Poetry Of My Country!... more [ + ]

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