Blue Pie Records New Releases

All you heartbroken darlings out there in musicland better listen up, because Key Loch and Missy Crissy are here to put your pain into words!... more [ + ]

It's about time that Down3r hit us all with a new release! His latest release was Side Chick Volume 2 which was a great start... more [ + ]

Clarion records have you covered with a nostalgic trip into AC/DC prehistory! We recently reopened a much-loved page by revisiting The Valentines with their eponymous... more [ + ]

Some wild rave times are in store for you guys! If you miss the golden era of rave with the likes of the Chemical Brothers... more [ + ]

Straight from Sweet Peach Records comes Bon Scott's legendary early days, make way for the Aussie pop band The Valentines! This EP hit from the... more [ + ]

Eedris has been in our sights lately, considering the ground he's been breaking with Country Hard and Southern Kaduna Killings! These releases have been going... more [ + ]

Just what we needed to get us through the midweek! Dave Evans is badass as ever and he's been dominating Spotify with new releases. These... more [ + ]

The sorrowful yet energetic beat of this track was a wonderful way to kick off 2021, as was the news that Suzanna was back! Before... more [ + ]

A while back, smack in the middle of the wretched 2020 quarantine, we brought a certain collaboration to your attention. That was of course "Love's... more [ + ]

Coming fresh off their recent hit Where Is The Love, Key Loch are bringing us another passionate single! Come Home To Me is a worthy... more [ + ]

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