New Releases

We've been loving Pride Music lately! First, we celebrated the LGBTQ+ community by launching a brand new website for the record label PRIDE MUSIC. Then,... more [ + ]

Sweet beats! Killer sax! Emotional vocals! This is what you need in order to get Cammen's 1988, and the result is truly awesome. Cammen is... more [ + ]

Mafito has been belting out singles, doing his part in making 2020 better! This is more of that lighthearted, gorgeous Afropop that we've all come... more [ + ]

We all love us some Suga Boom Boom. I mean just look at how many versions of it there are! And now, fans of LadyDice... more [ + ]

When we last checked in with Kay L, he was teasing on his Facebook that a new single would be dropping VERY soon... and now... more [ + ]

Recently, we've been singing Soularflair's praises for the incredible work he's done on the music videos for Sam Pollard's "World Of Difference", as well as... more [ + ]

ViQQ, aka Victor Gborge, has worked with some of the best in the music industry, and it's always a pleasure to see him dropping a... more [ + ]

Watch out, some graphic SAXual content is coming your way! Eedris' new single featuring Dede Mabiaku and Myke Pam has some premiere saxophone work, and... more [ + ]

You know what they say about J-Rock... it's intense, fast, and catchy! Well, while The Voublys are unique enough to escape the more generic trappings... more [ + ]

Ruggedman is at it again! One of Nigeria’s coolest artists has just released 5 big albums that are sure to please his devoted fans. We... more [ + ]

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