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New Zealand's phenomenal dog combo, The Woofers And Tweeters Ensemble, made their debut with this infamous parody! You gotta love the Kiwis' sense of humour,... more [ + ]

When they talk about golden oldies, they might not mean fool's gold. But shiny is shiny, right? Today we have four albums for all of... more [ + ]

Dave Evans has been in our news headlines rather frequently lately, what with his new website and latest throwback single, Badass Boy! Retro rockers will... more [ + ]

Austalia's Johnny Cash is back on our headlines, with throwbacks to some of the finest country music to ever come out of the Sweet Peach... more [ + ]

The legendary Bob Crosby is here, straight from the Blue Pie archive! He's swinging at the sugar bowl, and straight into Spotify and all other... more [ + ]

As part of the partnership we have with Lifestyle Entertainment, we're pleased to bring you yet another in a list of throwbacks! The legendary Al... more [ + ]

One of Bossa Nova's pioneers along with Bud Shank, Laurindo Almeida is another classic musician, instrumental in the developments of the jazz, classic, and Latin... more [ + ]

Helen Porter Mitchell was born in 1861, and died as Dame Nellie Melba in 1931. In her 69 years of life, she became THE face... more [ + ]

The Blue Pie Archive is expansive and vast. If you ever wanted to stroll down memory lane, you could click here, or simply get a... more [ + ]

"I Can't Breathe" is the phrase driving many members of the BLM protests across the world. The infamous words of victim George Floyd in his... more [ + ]

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