Blue Pie Records New Releases

You may remember from our recent tour story that Dave Evans is bringing us a new single and a tour in Mexico! Well, today, we... more [ + ]

Eedris is back, and he's bringing the thunder! His old school flagship hit Jaga Jaga, which has inspired some killer remixes already, is now back... more [ + ]

Heaven are a true blue Aussie metal band that are sure to be a classic in the minds of those who witnessed their prowess. If... more [ + ]

Recently, Gabe Rizza brought a personal touch to Frozen, the Key Loch cover of the old school Madonna classic. Three spicy new flavours came into... more [ + ]

Sweet Peach is bringing you more sweet hits from back in the day, with some iconic releases that are digitally released for the first time... more [ + ]

In our last visit to Key Loch's catalogue, we celebrated their recent 300K streams milestone and enjoyed Gabe Rizza's work on some of Key Loch's... more [ + ]

All you heartbroken darlings out there in musicland better listen up, because Key Loch and Missy Crissy are here to put your pain into words!... more [ + ]

It's about time that Down3r hit us all with a new release! His latest release was Side Chick Volume 2 which was a great start... more [ + ]

Clarion records have you covered with a nostalgic trip into AC/DC prehistory! We recently reopened a much-loved page by revisiting The Valentines with their eponymous... more [ + ]

Some wild rave times are in store for you guys! If you miss the golden era of rave with the likes of the Chemical Brothers... more [ + ]

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