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One of Bossa Nova's pioneers along with Bud Shank, Laurindo Almeida is another classic musician, instrumental in the developments of the jazz, classic, and Latin... more [ + ]

Helen Porter Mitchell was born in 1861, and died as Dame Nellie Melba in 1931. In her 69 years of life, she became THE face... more [ + ]

The Blue Pie Archive is expansive and vast. If you ever wanted to stroll down memory lane, you could click here, or simply get a... more [ + ]

"I Can't Breathe" is the phrase driving many members of the BLM protests across the world. The infamous words of victim George Floyd in his... more [ + ]

So there's been quite a few great hits from Charass, yadda yadda, but could he pull it off again? You bet Charass! Cha Cha, much... more [ + ]

Do you swear before this court to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If you do, then take a listen... more [ + ]

If you're a fan of Psychill, Electronica, or Shpongle tracks, Soularflair's got just the music for you! The trippy visuals he's brought to represent his... more [ + ]

Recently, much to our pleasure, we were able to give an overview on just who Dave Evans is! One of AC/DC's founders and a true... more [ + ]

BlackFaceNaija has often had new fans discover him through his legendary African Queen track. It's quite possible that many readers reading this now will find... more [ + ]

We've been Styleh fans for what seems like forever. His hit track Eledami certainly did its job in hooking us on his elegant voice! Now... more [ + ]

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