Blue Pie Records New Releases

Lokust Luciano, also known as William Arciszewski, is an emerging artist making waves with his poignant and introspective songwriting. His latest release, "Confusion," showcases a... more [ + ]

In the vast landscape of the music industry, where anonymity is often overshadowed by the spotlight, The StrangerS emerge as a unique entity. Hailing from... more [ + ]

In the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry, collaborations between artists from different backgrounds often result in groundbreaking and memorable creations. The recent release of... more [ + ]

Prepare to be swept away on a mesmerizing journey as Dave Loew, the virtuoso cellist, unveils two extraordinary music videos set against the backdrop of... more [ + ]

Elerax continues to enchant audiences with his latest releases, including the captivating tracks "Future," "Midnight," and "Play the Game". With his signature sound, described as... more [ + ]

Key Loch's recent release, the remix of "Where is the Love" from Blue Pie Records, marks a significant milestone in the their musical journey. Renowned... more [ + ]

Jason Bekiaris’ new releases, "Left Inside" and "Break me Down," mark a pivotal moment in his musical portfolio. These new creations reflect his diverse musical... more [ + ]

The StrangerS stand as the pioneers of the anonymous online music collective. Hailing from the enigmatic enclave of Nowhere, Oklahoma, this group's musical journey is... more [ + ]

Introducing the latest masterpiece from our exceptionally talented artist, Mark Mulvany, a remarkable new alternative album entitled "Time to Play B-sides." Within this album, you'll discover... more [ + ]

After decades of electrifying the Australian music scene with his rock anthems, Mark Tinson, also known as Tinno, is back with a surprising twist. The... more [ + ]

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