Team Australia: Radio MCs


Radio host

Living piece of metal

General nuisance

MC Pyrite is an anomalous rock who seems good as gold, until you get to know him. A pretentious wad of metal who smells of something ambiguous and stale, Pyrite features on our radio show because he made a nest in the studio and now we can't get rid of him. He features with MC Mighty on the Blue Pie radio show.

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Radio host

Distributor of content and goblin-related supplies

Guardian of the gains you'll never claim

MC Mighty is a strange oddity that we hired one day to present our music on local radio. He loves all kinds of music, but his favourite genre is known as "Glubes", AKA Goblin Blues. His favourite band is the Glube Berries, which are the Bluesiest Goblin Blues band ever, or so we're told! He teams up with MC Pyrite to run the Blue Pie radio show.

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