Welcome to the Mixcloud Blue Pie Records label page.

Here you will find all of our Blue Pie Radio Shows and The Ian Miller Guitar Shows as well.

Our Blue Pie Radio Show airs every Thursday evening from 6pm - 8pm on 97.5 Sapphire FM and every Friday night from 9pm - Midnight on 93.7 Edge FM.

The Ian Miller Guitar Show is hosted by Ian Miller. The aim of his show is to present some of the great guitarists who have given us such pleasure over the many years from the history of our instrument. Ian will look at guitar styles, techniques and the sounds as well as history, guitar tips and great music in general.

If you need any more information on the tracks or would like to know more about the Blue Pie Radio Team and the promotion services that we provide our labels then email radio@bluepie.com.au

The Blue Pie Radio Team
e: radio@bluepie.com.au

Click the image below to check out Blue Pie Radio shows on Mix Cloud.

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