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CEO | Founder

Dip.Fin. 1987, Member Institute of Export APRA Full Writer Member 1997 Member of AIR Member of ARIA With over 30 years of IT & music industry experience, Damien brings his vast network and business skills to the table to expand DJ Central TV’s catalogue of content rights.

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Business Affairs

Colin graduated in law from Monash University and has been actively involved in the music and media industry for the last 25 years. He was Corporate Counsel and head of Legal and Business for Polygram Australia (now Universal Music) overseeing the Group’s legal work for the recording, home video and publishing divisions, as well as managing the catalogues of local and international copyrights, trademarks and related deal negotiations with licensors, and other media groups such as TV and radio networks.

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Katie greyscale

External Accountant USA

Katie Ashcraft has a long record of helping to position members of start-up roles, and assisting various organizations to grow. Before indulging her taste for the adrenaline-charged environment of smaller organizations, and establishing her own accounting/finance consulting firm, Books2Tax, Ms. Ashcraft enjoyed increasingly responsible positions at Bellsouth Corporation, Unisys Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Company.

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CTO | Webmaster

Asif is the webmaster for DJ Central, Ordior, and Blue Pie. He takes care of our database and internet security, and manages the royalty reporting with the India team. Since joining the team on the 3rd of April 2019, our internet presence has been handled with management skills unlike any we’ve seen before. Asif is a diligent worker and can handle any task thrown at him, usually in a matter of minutes.

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Simon greyscale

Producer & Director

With 40 years’ experience across multiple media industries including Film, TV and digital media, Simon Smithers has always been at the bleeding edge of technology adaption and industry practice.

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2011-02-01-04-02-06_BPP---Craig-Fraser-India-Artist-Icon (2)

Jingle Master

When it comes to song writing Craig Fraser has a great talent for adding the colour, the twist or the quirkiness, which can transform a basic song into a memorable tune that will prick up a listener’s ear and become firmly entrenched in their mind.

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edmund greyscale

Media Manager

Edmund is the Media Manager for Blue Pie Records | DJ Central Records | DJ Central TV, and leads a small team of four people. He handles various tasks for DJ Central, Blue Pie, Metal Central, and other related companies, mostly in the form of social media strategy, planning, and execution. He also has written all the news articles, new releases, and newsletters for these websites since advancing to this role in January 2019, and believes in putting passion and creativity first.

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Sara greyscale

Design and Admin Specialist

Sara is the Design and Admin Specialist for Blue Pie and DJ Central. Working as an unpaid intern since the 6th of January 2020, she soon embraced a paid role at the company on the 15th of September 2020, and she hasn't looked back. Many of our most successful albums, such as those from DL Down3r, feature album covers designed by Sara!

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Anthony greyscale

Global Radio and Digital Playlist Manager

Anthony is the radio and playlist manager for Blue Pie and DJ Central. With a strong background in practical, hands-on positions, he has learnt a wide variety of skills, attributes and knowledge. A team player, Anthony is at home in a team, however he prides himself in taking direction and being able to work autonomously. With excellent organisational skills and an enthusiastic motivated attitude in his arsenal, he has been consistently recognised by employers and school faculty for his creative mind and organisational skills - making him a natural fit for our team.

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Brendan greyscale

Admin And Rights Manager

Brendan is the Admin and Rights Manager for Ordior. He handles various tasks for DJ Central, Blue Pie, Metal Central, Ordior, and other related companies, mostly in the form of general office administration, content coding, and communicating with artists. He started here as an intern in May, but then advanced to a paid position in July 2019. It didn't take him very long to get through the ranks, and this is a natural outcome, as one can see if they examine his skills.

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Telia greyscale

Admin Manager and Content Specialist

Telia started working at Blue Pie as an unpaid intern on the 2nd of April 2020, handling content distribution duties - uploading various albums to specific aggregation websites. But, eager to prove her skills, she rapidly advanced to a paid role on the 14th. Currently, she is the Content Specialist for Symphonic, Songtradr and Adrev. While she mostly handles various tasks including content coding, she also has a larger role - that of Admin Manager. It's thanks to her that the accounts and payrolls of all our staff are attended to properly.

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Liam greyscale

Production Manager and Content Specialist

Liam Walker, like many of our current employees, rose through the ranks after starting as an unpaid intern. His current roles include managing and organising metadata, as well as organising the video production side of Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. Working alongside other vfx gurus like Kenny Everest, Liam manages and produces various video content, including filming, editing, posting, and managing content for the new Blue Pie gaming channel!

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