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CEO | Founder

Dip.Fin. 1987, Member Institute of Export APRA Full Writer Member 1997 Member of AIR Member of ARIA. With over 30 years of IT & music industry experience, Damien brings his vast network and business skills to the table to expand DJ Central TV’s catalogue of content rights.

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Content Specialist

Mayowa Bryan Adeniyi, or Bryan for short, is an intern at Blue Pie and one of our content specialists.

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Business Affairs

Colin graduated in law from Monash University and has been actively involved in the music and media industry for the last 25 years. He was Corporate Counsel and head of Legal and Business for Polygram Australia (now Universal Music) overseeing the Group’s legal work for the recording, home video and publishing divisions, as well as managing the catalogues of local and international copyrights, trademarks and related deal negotiations with licensors, and other media groups such as TV and radio networks.

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COO | Global Internal Accountant

Shruti is the Global Internal Accountant for Blue Pie, DJ Central, and Ordior. She has completed a double masters in Professional Accounting and Business Administration. She is a dedicated and detail-oriented accounting professional. She handles large-volume financial services, and specializes in preparing asset, liability, and capital account management and analysis. With her meticulous analytical mind as well as excellent computational skills, she performs precise auditing tasks, ensuring that financial transactions are accurately represented. She examines financial options through careful risk and benefit options.

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CTO | Webmaster

Asif is the webmaster for DJ Central, Ordior, and Blue Pie. He takes care of our database and internet security, and manages the royalty reporting with the India team. Since joining the team on the 3rd of April 2019, our internet presence has been handled with management skills unlike any we’ve seen before. Asif is a diligent worker and can handle any task thrown at him, usually in a matter of minutes.

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Producer & Director

With 40 years’ experience across multiple media industries including Film, TV and digital media, Simon Smithers has always been at the bleeding edge of technology adaption and industry practice.

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Design & Brand Manager

Chloé is a graphic designer with many years of experience. Born in Reims in Northeastern France, she and her family moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she lived most of her life before coming to Australia. Throughout her 32 years of life, she has worked as a graphic designer for 8 years, and as a freelance for 6 years with Surimag Studio – a personal graphic design studio focused in brand identity, editorial, communication and packaging design. After building her experience to an impressive degree, she has joined our team in Australia as our Global Media Manager and Graphic Design Consultant.

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Creative Media and Media Strategy Services

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Chief Strategy Officer

Kate is a specialist in project finance. She began her career in film and radio, and has served in a senior executive capacity with two federal arts agencies.

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Studio and Production Manager

Gabe is the Studio and Production Manager at Blue Pie Records, DJ Central Records, and Ordior. He favours disco, house, and pop, but is multidisciplinary and loves all music. He has worked under the alias of Apollo Sky, and has been making a name for himself at Blue Pie and DJ Central by remixing some of the most popular tracks on the catalogues, such as CB's Fantasy, and all the hits from Key Loch, including their chilling cover of Frozen! Gabe often works very closely with Key Loch, and when he isn't managing the studio and production, he's working on the Blue Pie/DJ Central radio show/podcast with host MCs Mighty and Pyrite, or flexing his creativity with his excellent remix and remastering repertoire.

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Jingle Master

When it comes to song writing Craig Fraser has a great talent for adding the colour, the twist or the quirkiness, which can transform a basic song into a memorable tune that will prick up a listener’s ear and become firmly entrenched in their mind.

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Media Manager

Edmund is the Media Manager for Blue Pie, DJ Central, Ordior, and other related subsidiaries. He handles various tasks for DJ Central, Blue Pie, Metal Central, and other related companies, mostly in the form of promotion, statistical reports, and market strategy. He also has written all the news articles, new releases, and newsletters for these websites since advancing to this role in January 2019, and believes in putting passion and creativity first.

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Design and Admin Specialist

Sara is the Design and Admin Specialist for Blue Pie and DJ Central. Working as an unpaid intern since the 6th of January 2020, she soon embraced a paid role at the company on the 15th of September 2020, and she hasn't looked back. Many of our most successful albums, such as those from DL Down3r, feature album covers designed by Sara!

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Global Radio and Digital Playlist Manager

Anthony is the radio and playlist manager for Blue Pie and DJ Central. With a strong background in practical, hands-on positions, he has learnt a wide variety of skills, attributes and knowledge. A team player, Anthony is at home in a team, however he prides himself in taking direction and being able to work autonomously. With excellent organisational skills and an enthusiastic motivated attitude in his arsenal, he has been consistently recognised by employers and school faculty for his creative mind and organisational skills - making him a natural fit for our team.

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Global License Manager

Liam Teer is an individual with a true wealth of experience, and his employment at both Blue Pie and Ordior is certain to shoot our distribution and rights management departments ahead by miles. He is working at our companies as the Global License Manager, and will be applying himself to the many challenges we face every day.

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