South America Team

Carola greyscale

South American Business Development Manager

In 2010, Carola started working at Sony Music Argentina at the age of 22, where she worked with several artists. Fast forward a few years later, and she became a product manager and tour manager of artists at Pirca Records & Entertainment. She then advanced to the role of event producer for the Lollapalooza Argentina Festival, as well as the Secretary of Culture of Bs As City, European Union Argentina.

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Delfina greyscale

Social Media Manager

Delfina was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is a passionate new age media, social media and communications strategist, with over 10 years of social media experience in developing new markets and communities. She is an asset to Blue Pie's social media team and helps us break new ground and find new effective methods every day!

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Sabrina greyscale

Social Media Specialist

With a passion for music and entertainment running back to the tender age of 9, Sabrina started her career as a Social Media Manager, live music events producer, and press assistant in 2013. Since then her star has truly risen, and she's spent much of her time on social media. She loves creating and developing digital content and strategies, and every day she lives to expand her horizons!

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Gonzalo Cabrera greyscale

Social Media Specialist

The skills Gonzalo brings to our team in Latin America are unparalleled, and he can easily solve any challenges that are presented in a creative and effective way. As social media specialist, this mindset and worldview are invaluable tools to get a grip on any markets that may be lurking out in the wilds of the music world.

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Ariel Masi 150

Social Media Manager - LATAM

Ariel is the social media manager for the Latin American departments of both Blue Pie and Ordior. He has a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of journalism, and used to be an art teacher with experience in both UBA and UNA. His experience with communication and visual design makes him an excellent fit for our LATAM social media manager, as does his skill with multiple languages: he speaks Spanish natively, and also speaks English, French, German and Italian. With this set of skills, he can communicate with multiple audiences across the world (in style!) which is a true asset in the field of social media.

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Martin Carrier 150

Forensic Royalty Specialist

Martín is a Forensic Royalty Specialist in the Latin American departments of both Blue Pie and Ordior. He is a language and arts enthusiast, as well as a proactive person who knows how to generate a pleasant work environment, and works well within his team. Born on the 25th of March 1999, he lives and works out of Argentina like most of the rest of our LATAM teams. He enjoys swimming, cinema, and of course, music.

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