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Missouri! Helena! Rock Springs! Oklahoma! You guys excited?! We bet you are. Not every day one of the greatest hip hop events goes underway right in your backyard, is it?! THE DL Down3r himself is touring across the US and... more

A placement a the Rockland-Bergen Music Festival is nothing to sneeze at, but then again, Jessy Tomsko isn't just anybody. In our modest opinion, she manages to pull off Joni Mitchell better than Joni Mitchell! According to her tours section... more

Sup fam! Are you in the area of any of these places in the below list? Because Down3r will be coming to YOU soon! Each event page linked has any extra details you may need. But DL is gonna go... more

We're not that far into May and already things look promising, musically speaking. Most of that is thanks to our very own LadyDice and the exciting prospects of two awesome tours from her in just a few short days! And... more

Suzanna Lubrano's combined global plays have exceeded 40 million! So it's no surprise that there's quite a bit of hype building around her latest appearance at a concert, set for Friday the 26th of April 2019... just two days from... more

November 15th at 1:30pm Down3r will be holding a meet and greet at the Immortal Ink tattoo parlour in the Northeast of Walla Walla, Washington. The owner Wes is hosting, and Down3r will be available to sign posters and to... more

Breaking News, LadyDice and her Freakshow are in Bend, Oregon tonight and earlier today they have kidnapped local celebrity Chandler Price and are forcing him to perform for them tonight at the Club 7 as part of their Freakshow. Chandler... more

Dave Evans has had an incredible week, since we last wrote about him his Facebook page has been swamped with posts and photos documenting his tour through South America, bringing the best in Australian Rock to the continent on a... more

Iconic Australian Rocker Dave Evans is touring South America at the moment, heading through Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, and Chile, Dave will be performing all his ACDC Hits and music from his solo career with the South American Badasses. We’ve already... more

On October 28th in the city of Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana, the city holds Henry Turner Jr Day, a music festival designed to promote new talent and identify cultural need in the local area, as well as to... more

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