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Get ready for an unforgettable night of music and dance as Suzanna Lubrano, the Netherlands-based sensation, takes the stage alongside the incredible talents of Beto Dias and Grace Evora on October 28, 2023. This promises to be a performance that... more

Dave Evans is currently rocking Finland hard, just like we reported on last time! As one can expect, the veteran rock legend is enjoying himself thoroughly, with multiple dates across Finland and some productive rehearsing, of course. What better way... more

Hey Finland! Get ready to rock as one of the pioneers of rock n' roll takes over Hard Rock Korppi for an unforgettable performance - it's Korppifest, and it's the one and only Dave Evans! The first singer and co-founder... more

Dave Evans recently blew the roof off Zacatecas with a performance that left fans begging for more. His signature rock and roll sound was on full display, and he proved once again that he's still got it. Check out our... more

Cordell Drake recently posted something quite exciting on his Facebook feed! That's right, on the 24th of June, Bakersfield's Kern County Fair Grounds are gonna get a hell of a visit! This venue is the home turf of a bunch... more

Are you ready to rock, Latin America?! The one and only Dave Evans is hitting the road for his "Icons of Classic Rock Tour" and it's gonna be wild! If you don't know who Dave Evans is, let us enlighten... more

A new lineup featuring Dino Jag has surfaced! The Song Men are "three singers who have each carved out an immersive career in song and stage", and they're having their first show as a group together in South Australia in... more

A new year, and Dave Evans is drawing in thousands of Latin American fans - what else is new? He's already signed up to tour across several MORE parts of Latin America, showing the world that the 50 year anniversary... more

We have a fresh new poster from Suzanna Lubrano's Instagram that is sure to please her fans the world over! It's been a few months since we reported on the last in-person event Suzanna attended, so to hear that there's... more

Baby it's cold outside! Y'all remember the Jingle Jam? It's become quite the anticipated event as the years have gone on, and now that the pandemic has receded a fair bit, we're very excited to announce Jingle Jam 9! DL and... more

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