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The Ayman story has more facets and chapters than it appears at first glance. In the first place there is his extraordinary sensitive voice which touches people’s soul in a wonderful manner. Americans call it Soul. In the second place there is the fabulous success story of the Berliner of Tunisian descent who worked his way up from the bottom and became a star after several years of hard work.

The third chapter finally shows a cosmopolitan whose personal story stands for international understanding. In his capacity as wanderer between the worlds, he is a bearer of hope for the future. Let’s take one thing at a time: The 30-year-old early discovered his voice. “At the age of eleven I discovered my passion for singing and simply sang songs. My idols were Keith Sweat, Stevie Wonder and Whitney Houston because I always loved English music”, Ayman said.

At the beginning it was not more than a secret passion. “I couldn’t imagine being on stage. I was very, very shy and hadn’t the courage to sing in front of three or four people. After more and more friends had encouraged him, the shy talent began looking for a label. He finally found a label that brought him together with Ricky, the former singer of TicTacToe”. On her first single Schmerz in mir I was already allowed to sing the chorus. The song became a hit which also encouraged my label to have solo studio recordings with me”, remembers the muscular guy with the sensitive vocal chords. This was followed by a six-month tour as backup singer for Ricky who helped him overcome his fears. “This was a new world for me”.

Ayman is a Blue Pie Records USA artist for selected titles. Ayman is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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