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Caitlin Reilly

Caitlin Reilly performed professionally in Australia from 1990–2000, collaborating and performing with musicians in the Melbourne and Sydney local music scenes. Caitlin was a constant live performer in the early 90’s lucrative live scene in Melbourne. Caitlin poured her energy into some incredible and historical live sets with some of the hottest local musicians of the day.

Later in the 2010’s, Shanghai was the perfect city for the international launch of Slow Songs For A Fast World, a brand new album (at the time) by Australian born singer/songwriter Caitlin Reilly.

Caitlin Reilly established a dedicated following around town with her regular gigs at the “Brick Wine Lounge – Shanghai” on Monday nights and “The Apartment – Shanghai”on Tuesdays. Sitting jauntily at the piano, she commands the stage with assured, nuanced performances that allow the pop, jazz and blues inflections of her original songs to rise to the surface.

Slow Songs For A Fast World captures the racing pulse and energy of the city as well as its precious moments of meditation, stillness and reflection. Slow and Fast, Cool and Hot, Reilly’s songs map the ever-changing city she had been living and performing in since 2009. Shanghai also attracts the incredible ensemble of musicians and singers she collaborates with on her suite of soulful/sultry, sophisticated sounds.

Artists contributing to the album include Altan-Od (Mongolian throat singer), Murinkhuur (horse-head fiddle player) and Khomeii from Mongolian folk collective Guren; Nick McBride, drums (Australia), EJ Parker, acoustic bass (USA), Dana Shellmire (USA) & Ian L Cleare (Nassau, Bahamas) vocals, Ryan Baird, guitars & effects (USA), Dennis Argenzia, harmonica (USA), Matt Saunders, clarinet & vocals (USA), Heidi Woehrle, vocals (USA), Toby Mak, trumpet & flugel (Australia), Nick Majensko, organs & piano accordion (UK).

Slow Songs For A Fast World captures the intimacy of Reilly’s live performances and accentuates her slow burning voice, gorgeous arrangements and atmospheric lyrics.

Creating music is only part of whom Caitlin Reilly is as an artist. While she is writing, singing, playing, arranging, collaborating, recording and mixing her music, she also continues to paint, draw, exhibit and go deep into her yoga teaching and practice. Her artworks have been exhibited and collected throughout Australia, Europe, USA and China.

As Caitlin says:
‘This has been an extraordinary experience. The willingness and energy that everyone has contributed has left me feeling eternally grateful, moved and forever changed.’

For all the latest news on Caitlin and to see her incredible artistic output please visit her official website: www.caitlinreilly.com Caitlin is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

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