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Blurring the lines of metal, rock and pop, Freakhouse’s hybrid vision is poised to capture the ear of the modern rock world. Formed in the late 90’s in Austin, Texas, Freakhouse quickly built an intensely devoted following from their live performances. Wearing gas masks and having pinhead roadies had people seriously concerned, but shocking theatrics were just one aspect of Freakhouse, they also had killer songs. Word of mouth spread about the band and they were immediately signed to a one off deal.

The first release for Freakhouse, “Subculture Revolution” spent 13 weeks in the top 10 of R&R’s Rock Specialty Show chart. With melt down performances across the land, the reviews started pouring in and the buzz was rolling. Reality Entertainment flew out to meet them in Des Moines, Iowa while the band was crisscrossing the nation and signed them to a worldwide multi-album deal culminating with their heralded release “Beautiful Misery.”

Look for the hit single “Liars Inc” on your DELL computer. Michael Dell himself loves that song so much it will be on every new DELL computer from now till forever. Freakhouse is sponsored by Epiphone Guitars, which a band by the name of the Beatles also played. Look for Freakhouse on the road in 2009, you might see a Killer clown but dont worry its actually safe to go to a Freakhouse show. You’ll leave bruised and sweaty but enlightened in a very strange yet satisfying way that you will not soon forget.

For more info on Freakhouse, visit their myspace site: www.myspace.com/freakhouse.

Freak House are a Reality Entertainment artist and available on Blue Pie under license for Australia and New Zealand.

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