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Initially inspired to create music using synthesisers, Fusier’s first contact with a synthesiser was a VCS3 (Pink Floyd). This left a marked influence for experimentation, as well as a later interest in the technology and different styles of synthesis, like FM, wave sequencing, and different styles of production. Fusier was later lured away by the availability of percussion instruments.

In the early 90’s, Fusier originated on the radio show Club Fusion, on the station 3D Radio.  The show went strong for decades, and Fusier released his third CD even after leaving the station, his clout unforgotten. Through performing live with dance music in clubs, he held a focus on live percussion using both acoustic and electric triggers. Having an interest in oriental sounds, he started collecting specifically cymbals and gongs.

The collection grew, allowing for a wide variety of different pitches and textures. Initially this was a relaxation for him from electronic instruments, but it became more and more a sound and style in and of itself. So much so that he started working and performing with the setup. Eventually the two fused into the Metal Manipulations CDs. Having released four solo albums, Fusier would continue to experiment with fusing sonic textures and styles, as well as performing percussion, for the rest of his career.

Along with working on music, Fusier also worked as a multi media artist, creating graphics: some of which are featured on the album covers. He explains his interest in such images saying “I like to create an environment that has a similarly unusual feel as the music, taking you to a different space.

Fusier is signed to Blue Pie for the world. Alas, it is with deep sorrow that we advise that Fusier passed away in his home from a brain hemorrhage in 2008. RIP Fusier, your music will live on.


  • 1993: Frequency Fusion Formula
  • 1996: Ambient Acidity
  • 1997: Fathom (compilation)

Fusier is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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