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3rd Unit

One of the most inventive and eclectic figures to emerge from Australia’s alternative revolution, TEWE HENARE mixed the heartfelt angst of a singer/songwriter with the spiritual harmony of a soulful rocker. Tewe, through his musical persona 3rd Unit, has become one of a very few number of artists to emerge with such gusto and pragmatism from the Australian music scene.

Tewe Henare was born in New Zealand and is the son of two musicians. He grew to love music when he participated in gospel choir at the age of ten as a drummer. His career as a percussionist has earned him the privilege to play all around the world with the world’s best songwriters and musicians.

As a true solo artist, he drew upon a kaleidoscope of influences and created a body of work that is unpredictable, with lyrics brimming with emotion and personal reflection. His work is introspective and his songs are a testament to the memory of past experiences and life lessons, captured in melody and lyrics.  To Tewe, his persona 3rd Unit allows him the freedom to express how he feels, the untainted truth about life as he sees it.

Although deriving his inspiration from unfortunate events in his life, Tewe hopes to twist his heartfelt pain into positive messages through his music. Tewe believes in the ideals of simplicity, bearing the notion that his songs should be pure and raw. He utilises simple melodies and arrangements to make the impact more forthcoming.

3rd Unit is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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