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3rd Unit

Tewe Henare, an imaginative and diverse talent hailing from the alternative music revolution in Australia, seamlessly blended the sincere anguish of a singer-songwriter with the spiritual resonance of a soulful rocker. Within the Australian music scene, Tewe, performing under the moniker 3rd Unit, stands out as one of the few artists who have emerged with remarkable vitality and practicality.

Born in New Zealand to two accomplished musicians, Tewe Henare’s affinity for music blossomed when, at the age of ten, he joined a gospel choir as a drummer. His career as a percussionist subsequently granted him the privilege of performing alongside the world’s finest songwriters and musicians on stages around the globe.

As a genuine solo artist, Tewe drew from a wide array of influences, fashioning a body of work that remains unpredictable, characterized by lyrics saturated with deep emotions and personal introspection. His compositions serve as introspective reflections, encapsulating the memories of past experiences and the wisdom gleaned from life’s lessons, all conveyed through melody and lyrical prose. Through his alter ego, 3rd Unit, Tewe finds the freedom to express his unfiltered perspective on life.

Despite drawing inspiration from adversity, Tewe aspires to transform his heartfelt pain into uplifting messages through his music. He holds dear the ideals of simplicity, believing that his songs should remain unadulterated and unrefined. Employing uncomplicated melodies and arrangements, he aims to deliver a more immediate and impactful musical experience.

3rd Unit is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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