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AJB Applause

AJB APPLAUSE are an exceptionally gifted group of musicians. The group has been making music together for over 5 years. The musicians that make up the band are some of the most talented players in Nigeria today and have worked with many of the worlds leading ” World Music ” recording artists throughout Africa. The band is consists of Olatunde Isaac K., Bankole Olusegun A., Philip Balogun, Okegbenro Olajide, Ajibade Olaoluwa, Alaba Babs, Dare Ojoye, Ojole Yemi, Christianna Oyeleye.

AJB APPLAUSE has played in many places, both local and international. Their sound is cross between ” Euro Pop Jazz ” and “African Jazz Groove”. The group modernizes local folk songs into Jazz Fusion and takes the sound to a wider audience adding new life to an old song. This allows the great sounds and songs of Africa to be understood, enjoyed and appreciated by both local and international audiences world wide. AJB APPLAUSE has recorded its debut album “GRATIFICATION”.

The album is a labour of love for the band and has been the bands most fulfilling achievement so far in their short musical career. This Album portrays the African Folk song in a matured way, which makes it an enjoyable experience for both the young and old music fans alike. In 2009, AJB APPLAUSE signs to indie powerhouse “Blue Pie” and joined their roster of international artists that include Sunny Neji, Black Face, Infinity Group and other native Nigerian acts. Their album is out now on Blue Pie for the world.

The Bands slogan is “MM 4 MM” Matured Music for Matured Minds. AJB APPLAUSE are awesome and they are going to transport you in another world, Enjoy their music and feel the cool breeze and summer sounds that is “AJB APPLAUSE”.

For more information on AJB APPLAUSE you can visit their Myspace page at www.myspace.com/AJBAPPLAUSE or you can visit Blue Pie www.bluepie.com.au You can find AJB APPLAUSE at all leading digital retailers on the planet. Search “AJB APPLAUSE”.

AJB Applause is a Blue Pie Records USA artist for and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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