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Angeli, AKA Angeli Kakade, is one prolific songwriter and solo artist. She has been gathering fans all over the world and her popularity continues to defy gravity.

Angeli hails from Minneapolis, MN, where she spent her formative years singing whenever her hectic academic schedule would allow. Her school years were spent at the MacPhail Centre for Music where she was put through an intense music and vocal training program and her summers chasing her dreams in New York City. She has no fear of hard work having completed internships with working for and soaking up all the knowledge she could from the industry professionals that she had the pleasure of working with over the past 3 years.

Angeli was spotted by industry leaders through her performances at local radio stations and then as a guest artist on MTV and VH1. Her first release, the EP “To The Top” was her first actual release in 2008 and was the one that features collaborations with world-renowned producers M.O.S productions from the U.K., the A.O.R out of Atlanta and Japanese producer “Dice of the Future Trillionares”. Numerous radio station interviews and shows in Los Angeles as well as many famed venues in New York – the city that inspired the album’s sound, followed this up.

Angeli’s fusion of her rich Indian heritage with the unique American pop music she has grown to know and love has lead her across the globe with performances in the US, Europe and some of India’s most popular cities. Angeli says, “my first album was self-titled and I released it just independently – that was done in 2006”. This was also the album that was produced by famed Indian producer/musician Milind Date.

Her second release “Breathe It In”, was produced by Ivan Evangelista – “it was the album I really focused on lyrics more in an effort to connect with my audience in a more meaningful/deep way” says Angeli. “I was also lucky enough to have Izzy Gold at Izzy Gold Records produced the single “All I Want”.

Back in 2009, Angeli signed to Australian Indie Power House “Blue Pie”. She is working with the label and their global market teams to take her music to larger audience throughout Asia with stadiums, clubs and festivals being announced for India and Australia in 2010.

As Damien Reilly of Blue Pie says “Angeli is a rare and one of the most beautiful artists we have had join our family in the past decade. She has a voice that half the female singers in the world would die to have. With a non-stop abundance of energy Angeli has the “it” factor, which is always portrayed through her performances.

Angeli is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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