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Aren B

`Aren B (Pronounced as RNB), was born in Warrensburg, Missouri but currently resides in New York City. At the early age of five, `Aren B developed his love for music and began honing his skills through singing and playing the drums in church. After years of practicing he went on to set up a personal home recording studio in Columbia Missouri where he designs his promotional material and writes and records his latest hits.

The summer of 2006, `Aren B tried out for the Missouri Idol contest where hopefuls from around the state of Missouri compete for the title of “Missouri Idol.” He sailed through the competition and won the title with the song, “This Woman’s Work,” by Maxwell. Soon after, he decided to take his talents to the next level and compete in
the American Idol competition.

He auditioned in Memphis Tennessee with 18,000 hopefuls and made it through to Hollywood with only 15 others out of Memphis. When asked how he felt about making it to Hollywood he adds,”Making it to Hollywood was a huge accomplishment for me because they only choose 60 guys out of the whole nation.” Brendan made the cut from 60 down to 30, but he was eliminated in the second round during the group portion of the show. He claims that he made wonderful relationships during his experience on American Idol and regrets nothing.

`Aren B has opend up for Tyrese, H-Town, Silk and has had performances in various locations across the U.S. from Miami to Los Angeles. Along with onstage presence, and his commanding style he delivers strong and silky smooth vocals that the ladies love. “I’ve been inspired by several life experiences, but mostly my imagination has inspired me to write on different topics and situations,” states `Aren B. He credits his inspiration to: God, Mother, Michael Jackson, Al B. Sure, Maxwell and Color Me Bad who he claims have similar falsetto styles to himself.

`Aren B is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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