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Bittersweet Girls

The Bittersweet Girls are a country duo hailing from Labrador in sunny Queensland, Australia. Their music is melancholic yet uplifting, as you might expect from a band with their name, and the titles of their tracks are quite memorable. Starting off your first album with the track “Buddhist Pizza” speaks for itself, for instance.

“Life Is Bittersweet” is their only album at the time of writing, and it features 8 songs. Combining the smoky echoes of a distorted guitar with soothing and emotional vocals, this duo brings a whole new contemporary element to the world of country music, especially for 2013! You can hear lots of country singers trying to sound like Johnny Cash or Taylor Swift, but these girls do their own thing and they stand out for it. You can tell they have something to say, and they paint their musical canvas with the emotions through which to say it. Country music is excellent at speaking from the heart as a genre overall, and these girls manage to do it in an unforgettably distinct way. Even though they only have one album, you still feel like you know them, and their bittersweet story of ups and downs. It’s one of those things that words don’t encompass fully beyond loads of hyperbole: you just need to take in for yourself to truly “get it”… and once you do, you’ll never really let “it” go.

The incredible music of The Bittersweet Girls is available now on all leading digital retailers on the planet, and can be streamed on most major streaming services. “Life Is Bittersweet” is linked to below, in the catalogue section.

Bittersweet Girls are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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