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Christopher Melotti

Christopher Melotti- motivated, down to earth, and musically talented would be the ways to describe him!

Christopher, or Chris, is an upcoming artist from Sydney, Australia with amazing talent, and is no average artist. Christopher has always enjoyed everything that revolves around music in its many forms, and has finally made himself a major part of it. For the last couple of years, Chris has been writing countless songs, beats and instrumentals, experimenting with many instruments, software programs, music patterns, riffs and styles.

“I like to write songs that are meaningful”- this definitely shows through his story-telling lyrics, touching themes, interesting harmonies, captivating melodies, and unique voice. “I find the problem with most mainstream songs today is that they are just a ‘quick fix’- they have no depth to them- just generic and shallow.”

When asked about his unique singing voice, he commented “Ah, yes I hear many people tell me that my main range is characteristically low, and its certainly true, even though my range is quite wide- some of my songs I actually sing in a high range. I just think that with so many male artists sing falsetto (very high range) now, its a good thing to have a different sounding voice.”

Christopher’s debut album, “Post Maturity Revival”,  features sixteen songs that overlap a few music genres, which will appeal to those of many tastes. Its central theme revolves around life’s events, breaking the mundane, witnessing the journeys we undertake in life and appreciating the experiences we have. Christopher wrote most of this album in his very early 20ies, especially during his first year of full-time work, just after completing university, and was very interested at how everyone of all ages behaved once they were in a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job.

“It is like everyone forgets the saying ‘work to live, not live to work’- people would complain hours on end about their boring routines and that they wish they could be more involved in other things, and I remember saying to them, its out there- you just need to go find it… don’t wait too long”.

As mentioned, Christopher’s music style has many different facets: “I don’t write different styles and ways on purpose- it is dependant on the story I want to tell, the mood I am in at the time, what inspiration I am experiencing, and so forth. Its funny because although each song has its own direction and feeling, you can still tell that they share characteristics of how I write.”

Keep an eye out for Christopher Melotti in the very soon future! He has a bright future ahead and he is wearing shades!

Chris Melotti is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world. For more information on Chris please visit his website www.chrismelotti.com

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