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Dale Nougher AKA Chill Master

Dale Nougher (pronounced NOYA) was born on the 1st March 1960, Dandenong, Victoria, Australia. His family was very musical, and the piano was an integral part of Dale’s family upbringing. At the age of 10, he had his first piano lesson, and then proceeded to teach himself by ear.

In 1971, the family leased the 28,000 acre Clarke Island in the Bass Straits’ Furneaux Group. They were Clarke Islands’ only inhabitants. Dale and his dad started to duet with the music of Scott Joplin, (and with his mothers’ classical training thrown in,) those initial chord structures gave Dale a very clear insight into music. Within a few months, Dale was playing and singing his own songs. In 1976, Dale joined his first band, and by 1978, he was playing in the Tasmanian band ‘EARSHOT’. Earshot supported bands like ‘MONDO ROCK’, ‘MISEX’ and other mainland acts when they toured Tasmania. Dale is now the resident Mr Chill, AKA The Chill Master, with Blue Pie.

Dale is held with high regard for both his musical knowledge of chill and down tempo music worldwide, as well as for his own gifted abilities with playing the piano, and for writing and producing the “Chill Master” series of compilations for Blue Pie.

Check out Dale at www.myspace.com/dalenougher

Dale is a Blue Pie Records USA Artist, and we are proud to have him on the label.

Dale Nougher is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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