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David Juliet

Cutting his teeth in a number of bands, Concerthouse Music artist David Juliet has confidently found his feet on a new solo project that blends the best of the past into an original and unmistakable brand of pop that transcends genre boundaries. Ross Tonkin in conjunction with Blue Pie Records are proud to release David Juliet’s new record Variations (available now on iTunes through Blue Pie Records).

When choosing his career in music David Juliet believes that he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. For him, writing, recording and performing is simply put, an absolute necessity. Living and breathing his art, David Juliet is at his most alive, alert and engaged with the experience of his work.

Inspired by performers from a young age, David Juliet knew that this was something he had to do. Picking up a guitar at the age of eleven and writing his first songs in his teens, bands quickly followed, for which he sang and wrote the material. Needing a new path away and apart from the egos and opinions that are a part of any band setting, David Juliet continued writing, selected a number of songs, booked some studio time, hired musicians and made a record. Recording the music exactly as he wanted to record it, Juliet came out of the studio with Variations: a precise rendering of his vision.

“With his strong vocal, catchy hooks, and powerful colourful lyrics” (Isaac Davis Jr.) you get uncompromised music from the heart and soul of a man who is nothing else but the music he makes. Influenced by a wide range of artists from singer/songwriter icons Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Leonard Cohen to classic Motown pop David Juliet produces a sound worthy of such a spectrum.

Excited by the future, David Juliet looks forward to making the records that he wants to make and living this life, for which Juliet believes there is no substitute. Showcasing his distinctive style and musical sensibility, David Juliet definitely travels to the beat of a different drum.

David Juliet is a Concerthouse Music artist. He is distributed and published by Blue Pie Records (APRA) and Blue Pie Publishing (ASCAP).

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