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December's Shadow

December’s Shadow are a hard hitting 5 piece hardcore thrash metal band from Orlando, Florida USA. They are focussed on a single mission to revolutionize the world of rock music. They play it loud and hard. As the band says “We had only one thing in mind when we formed in the Winter of 07,” Says front man Joey Cusmano and that was to redefine the face of Rock and roll music.

When it comes to their own brand of metal music they prove their point. Incorporating the fast no holds barred philosophy of heavy hard hitting music and electrifying shows, December’s Shadow follows the footsteps of the American hardcore punk revolution of the late 70’s, presenting the world with a fresh brand of sincerity and a non stop roar of a Leopard Tank at full throttle driving through a building at full speed.

In September 2009 the band signed to the leading indie power house ” Blue Pie” for a global distribution, recording and publishing agreement. The 1st release on their new label is their new EP “The Hands Of Fate”. The Hands of Fate begins with an ethereal instrumental intro within which guitarist Sean Nothstine weaves an alluring solo. The track serves to disarm the listener, making them easy prey as Joey Cusmano’s strangled vocals burst forth to announce the beginning of “Dark Mind”. His gravelly shouts are accompanied by melodic leads from Nothstine and main man Richard Potts as drummer Jason Czarnowski provides a cacophony of beats. The albums hardcorish breakdowns and infectious chorus rock that feature clean vocals, both staples of contemporary extreme music, work to define December’s Shadow in their own sound wave that prove to be both innovative and original. The atmospheric harmonies and noodling solos validate their talent and skill as musicians and make the EP a stand out body of work. The militaristic riffs and beats, as well as the barked vocals and gang shouts on the track “The Voice of Dissent” exhibits the band’s society-be-damned punk influences.

Decembers Shadow are Richard Potts, Joey Cusmano, Paul Simoneau, Jason Czarnowski and Sean Nothstine. They are 5 metal brothers on a musical crusade to take their sound to the four corners of the globe. Take Led Zeppelin and the obvious influence of Metallica , ad Scar Symmetry and Alexisonfire and the thrash hard driving beats and blend this with the hard hitting sound of what is now known throughout Florida as “Decembers Shadow” and you have one of the freshest and brightest new talents to emerge from the US metal scenes in the past decade. Cusmano’s barked vocals integrated with the thunder and roar of his band mates holding on to the tail of an F16 at full throttle gives any reader the visualisation of what a “Decembers Shadow” concert is all about. If there were 5 guys on the planet that could hold an F16 at full throttle on the ground while playing melodious metal to the roar of its jet engines then it would have to be “Decembers Shadow”

Although December’s Shadow have called it a day their fans are still loyal and playing their music on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. Their debut album serves as a testament to the bands legitimate contribution to explosion of Thrash and Hard Core Metal styles that are emerging globally today.

Decembers Shadow are a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Publishing USA (ASCAP).

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