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Evolution Eden

Now THIS is what Rock n’ Roll should be all about! Fresh off the heels off their latest release “Saturday Night Drive In,” Evolution Eden is ready to turn the world on its head.

Evolution Eden is an American arena rock band from San Francisco, California that creates a lethal cocktail of Hard Rock, Power Pop and Blues guaranteed to blow any listener away. They were formed in 2005 by the tag team fronting duo of lead guitarist/vocalist Brandon Owen and rhythm guitarist/vocalist Mike “Pap” Pappas. Shortly after forming Owen and Pappas went on an extensive search for a bassist. It was that search that produced Andy Hewett, a bass player originally from Wisconsin who had settled out West to pursue his musical career. Local drummer, Jim Bove, helped round out the pounding rhythm section.

In 2006 their first record “Story Road” was recorded and released. This self produced record spawned two international top ten hits, “Puppet On A String” and “Ordinary Girl”. Both tracks stayed on the World Indie charts for weeks. In addition to chart success “Story Road” was in regular rotation on Australian independent radio well into 2007.

The band continued to ride the wave of “Story Roads” success as many media outlets wrote favourable reviews commending their song writing prowess and musicianship. The buzz for the band began to grow as a local San Francisco radio station KGO voted them “The Best Band You’ve Never Heard” in their annual contest.

From there they also garnered two nominations from the 2007 Southbay Music Awards for “Best Rock Group” and “Best Pop Group or Artist of the Year”. Shortly thereafter the band was nominated for the “Best Out of Area” band by the 2007 Inland Empire Awards. That same year the band battled through five rounds of the Emergenza band competition where they reached the West Coast finals placing in the top 5 and were selected to perform at the Sedona Jam Music Festival as one the “Top 20 Bands to Watch” by festival-goers.

After supporting the hell out of “Story Road,” in 2008 the band began working on their follow up record “Saturday Night Drive-In.” On April Fools Day, EE was contacted by Beau Hill a.k.a. a co-founder of Interscope Records. He offered his services as a world-famous producer for the group’s second album. The boys jumped at the opportunity to work with the man behind the glass as producer for some of the 80’s and 90’s most successful rock acts including Ratt, Warrant, Alice Cooper and Stevie Nicks.

“Saturday Night Drive-In” was finished in the Summer of 09 and received interest from major and indie labels alike. EE went with Blue Pie Records out of Australia. The record was officially released in November of 09 and has already garnered three nominations from the prestigious 2010 Los Angeles Music Awards including “Rock Single of the Year” for “Center of the Universe,” “Rock Album of the Year” for “Saturday Night Drive In,” and “Best Drummer” for Jim Bove.

Over the years, they have played more than 100 shows at both indoor and outdoor venues up and down the West Coast including the Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco and 6 Flags in Southern and Northern California, as well as Bufest in Malibu. These shows have solidified why they are known as one of the best live acts in the scene.

2010 promises to be another banner year, which will see Evolution Eden performing all across the state and beyond in support of “Saturday Night Drive-In”. So raise your glasses one more time, cause all that we need is Saturday Night.

Evolution Eden are a Blue Pie Records artist and are published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for selected titles.

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