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JP Ranger

Jean-Pierre Ranger was a multifaceted Canadian singer/songwriter who was based in Ottawa, Canada. His strengths were his stage presence, rich vocals, melodies, and the conviction and raw energy he delivered to a live audience. His vocal flavours appeal to every mood, from romantic bedroom blues to raunchy and thunderous power rock. He was a highly versatile songwriter creating music in his own unique “Americana Blues ” style. His music ranges from Rock, R&B, to Pop, Blues and Folk. His lyrics speak to the times of the modern era. His songs tell the story of romance won and lost, and the many roads that we travel down the highway of life.

JP began singing and playing acoustic guitar to audiences at age nine and formed his first band by age 12. His early music years were filled with music from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Muddy Watters and Johnny Cash. He then was exposed to seventies groups such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. The eighties and nineties exposed JP to artists like Annie Lennox, Sting and Carly Simon. JP was also influenced by modern World music in his later years.

At the peak of his career, JP teamed up with four solid musicians who played Chicago-style Blues, Rock and Jazz. The group explored many styles and eventually, a chemistry emerged from this five-piece band into what has become the songs you hear on JP Ranger’s Living Here CD. The ten tracks on this CD are a snapshot of all the songs that were written during this period, and it is a notable high point in his catalogue overall. The album makes the simple yet powerful statement: This is JP Ranger. Enjoy!

JP unfortunately passed away. While he will be missed and his music will cease to be written, the tracks he has created over the years stand out, and they stand tall. The Living Here album especially tells you all you need to know about the prowess of this artist, and why his music changed the lives of those who heard it.

JP Ranger is a Blue Pie Records USA artist and published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP) for the world.

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