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K Liostro

K-Liostro is a Swiss based songwriter, lyricist and sometimes singer. Born in Switzerland, he was fascinated by dance music at the age 15 and originally dreamed of becoming a DJ. He wrote his first composition at age 17, and began making more professional recordings at age 20.

His life now evolves around writing great pop and dance tracks ranging from Dance, Electro, R&B and house. As K-Liostro says “Variety is the spice of the musicians live and I really enjoy all kings of music. Working with Blue Pie and the team at DJ Central Records has been great and I am really looking forward to having some of the great vocalists on Blue Pie Records roster to record and sing my songs. Working with Damien is just a breeze.”

K-Liostro likes to create my music on his own and then seek out the best appropriate artists to work with to sing on his productions. Outside of the studio, he is a devoted husband and proud father who also enjoys sports, travel and all forms of art in addition to music.

The DJ Central and Blue Pie design team have created and worked with K-Liostro on his new online image. Check out his official website at www.k-liostro.com.

K-Liostro is a DJ Central Records and Blue Pie Records USA artist. Liostro is published by Blue Pie Publishing USA (ASCAP)

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